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My Fantasy About My Friend

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I returned to my hotel room drained both physically and mentally from the day's improbable events. If you had told me a week earlier that I would be masturbated by my amazing friend, co-worker, MILF, and whatever else I considered her, I would have thought I would have better odds at winning a lottery. But, reality set in and I realized experiencing it once made me crave it even more, if that was possible. There was a brief flash of guilt when I had a thought about her husband and family, I never in my wildest dreams had thought I would ever do anything sexual with a married woman, let alone one that was a friend and co-worker. So, when I went back to her room about a half hour later, my first intention was to apologize. As soon as she opened the door however, there was no guilt only penis hardening lust. She had obviously just gotten out of the shower as her hair was very wet and she was wrapped in a towel and apparently nothing else.

"Look, ok it happened and nothing can change that, but I'm MARRIED. This is crazy and we can never do any more of this!"

I responded,"I just want to make you feel good. You work hard and take care of the kids, you deserve to feel good too. Can you just let me return the favor and do something for you without it causing you to feel so guilty. If D doesn't want to do it with you more than once a month, he's the crazy one."

"I was brought up to respect my marriage vows seriously and now I'm.....I don't know what I am."

I pleaded, "You're just a human being, everyone needs release....can you tell me honestly that you don't masturbate?"

She looked at the ground and didn't say anything.

"Look, girls are the same as guys. You want it too, it just doesn't seem as blatant because everyone always talks about jacking off."

I couldn't believe the conversation I was having with C, but I already had a stiff erection and I definitely wanted to delve more into this subject with her.

"Can you honestly tell me that you didn't get horny when the male stripper was dancing for you at work that one time? Or when you said you and D were watching the Japanese porn on cable?"

She answered,"So what, what is your point?"

I went up to her and put my arm loosely around her shoulder and led her to the bed, where I sat her down and then joined her.

I grabbed her by the waist and turned her body to face mine. As I was holding her, I was gently pulling on the towel and feeling for resistance. I don't know how discreet I was being, but I made a strong pull and the towel dropped to her waist exposing her very small, but beautiful breasts to my eyes for the first time.

She let out a small shriek, but I very quickly and purposefully grabbed the towel and prevented her from bringing it back up.

"You are so beautiful...."

I put my hand under her chin and raised her face up so she stared directly into my eyes.

I locked eyes with her and slowly dropped my hand and let it trail down her neck and then run softly over her nipple. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes almost in a defeated way.

Feeling that we were on the same page now, I caressed both of her tiny breasts with my hands and squeezed and tweaked her nipples. When I actually felt them stiffening, my penis actually twitched in excitement.

She kept her eyes closed as her breathing got more and more labored. I reached down and grabbed hold of the rest of the towel and started pulling it all the way off of her.

Once more she resisted initially, but my persistence paid off as I finally was able to yank it completely off.

This time it was my turn to let out a gasp as I took in her completely nude body in all it's glory...the one I had dreamed of hundreds of times. I think I almost stopped breathing, honestly, I was so excited. My eyes went from her beautiful face slowly down over her dark, now hard nipples, small breasts, remarkably flat stomach for a mother of three, and finally to her dark thatch of black pubic hair. Not too thick, not too thin, it was just right. Just like everything about her body.

I first ran my fingers along the insides of her thighs and felt her shiver. I caressed her inner thighs for a while, then gently started rubbing over her pubic hair. I slipped a finger through the hair and felt the wetness of her opening. Again, my penis twitched, almost violently.

I gently rubbed around her lips and circled over her clit and felt her wetness truly increasing. When she started moaning and squirming on the bed, I quickly dropped to the floor between her legs and began licking her. She moaned even harder then laid her upper body down on the bed.

I moved her prone body back on the bed so that I was also lying down on the bed as I ate her. I found myself pumping my rock hard penis against the bed under me as I was getting her closer and closer to orgasm. Miraculously, I was able to pace myself in both ways so that I was able to cum at the same time that she did. While she twitched and moaned in climax, I began shooting a big load of semen into her bed cover. We both lay there for a good while, trying to normalize our breathing and cooling down as we were dripping with perspiration from our workout.

Inevitably, my mind started wondering just what the future would hold for my relationship with my friend and co-worker.



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