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My Fantasy

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This is a fictional story based on some real people, it's also my first contribution to this site so I hope you all like it.



After moving into a flat with Molly and Aaron (two great mates of mine); I was surprised to find that they didn't get together, although Molly tried everything to get him and she nearly always gets her man, or any man. She made that 'never get with a best mate's ex' rule a little difficult. I would watch her flirting with him and pretend it didn't bother me and I didn't care for him, though deep down I knew I did.

Well one day Molly and Aaron had gone to uni so the apartment was all mine, I put my music on loud and had a nice long shower. Afterwards I got out and rubbing some moisturizer over my body, enjoying the coolness of the cream on my caressing hands, I decided to rub a bit over my warm clit, which always feels great, when I thought I saw something in the mirror. I turned to look but saw nothing there. Odd now, but I didn't think much of it at the time. I finished drying and put some nice bra and panties on (I love to walk about just wearing some underwear, it makes me feel really sexy)and went to play a game in the living area when the controller batteries ran out. Luckily I knew Aaron always kept spares in his room, so I pushed his bedroom door open, grabbed some batteries from the side and turned to leave but something caught my eye. Aaron was on his bed, completely naked, stroking his dick and groaning quietly with his eyes shut tight.

I'd never seen any part of him naked, but he looked as good as I had always imagined, if not better. I don't know how long I stood there watching him but he soon realized, cursed and grabbed a pillow to cover himself with; I quickly apologized and went to leave when he called for me to wait and asked how long I had been watching him. I smiled slightly at him and said 'is that an invitation? 'cause I haven't been here long and I was quite enjoying myself'. He smiled shyly at me, laughed then answered 'maybe, it depends.'

I sat down at the end of his bed facing towards him and lent against the wall 'On what?' I asked. 'on whether you're gonna join me or not' he replied, 'I saw you in the bathroom' he added with a grin. I bit my lip and looked away 'I thought I'd seen something move in the mirror..' I smiled and looked back at him, he had moved the pillow aside and was stroking his dick gently with two fingers, I could already feel my pussy get wet and took my knickers off slowly, feeling his eyes watching me while I watched him. He groaned quietly as he watched me reach down to rub my clitty in tiny circles while I watched him jack off, using more fingers now and getting faster. And the faster he got, the more excited I became; I threw my bra off and felt my breasts, pinching and scratching my nipples to really turn me on. He was gripping the pillow tight and was jacking off really fast now and shut his eyes tight; he was about to cum. The thought of him cumming sent me over and I put my fingers deep as I could inside me while rubbing my clitty round and round fast until I cried out and my body shook, I could feel the warmth of my cum dripping down me. Almost simultaneously Aaron came and sent shots of pearly white cum over his chest, string after string.

After that we laid back to catch our breath, cleaned up and had a bit of a cuddle in bed before Aaron decided that he really should get back to uni at some point(he had only come back to pick up some coursework) and left me to think about what had just taken place and relive the memory in my mind again and again.

It's hard not to smile whenever I look at him now, and he always smiles at me. I think Molly suspects something's happened, but for now it's just our little secret.



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