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My Fantasy

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This story is fiction, and is probably one of my greatest fantasies.


First of all, I'd like to apologize in advance for how long this first part is, this is my first post here, but believe me the story is worth it. Second of all, I'd like to say that this site is awesome. I have jacked-off to many of the stories here. Now like the comment says this is fiction (I'm a little scared to post this, because out of all the stories I've read, none of them have ever said fiction on it, but what the hell, I'm going for it, because I'm sure there are some out there that I haven't found yet), and it is one of my biggest fantasies. Though before I get to the fantasy, I'd just like to say something (this part is true).

I'm 5'8', about 190 lbs. (I would guess), and I'm kinda chubby (I'm trying to get in shape). I have about a 4' dick that has a 5' girth, (I was always embarrassed about it until I read stories about people on here my own age with a similar dick size). I like to read the male-male stories on here and have always wanted to have a jack off buddy, but I'm not one who makes friends very easily, and the friend that I do have, and would love to have as a jack off buddy the most, would probably never go for it (I'm probably the only one in my entire group that does jack off *sigh*). Now this being said, I have always wondered what my sexual identity was, I would assume that I'm probably bi (though I try to act straight at school, because of my personality and how everyone seems to take pleasure in making fun of me, being anything other than straight would just increase that. And my family probably wouldn't be to happy. I have an uncle who recently came out of the closet. Family was shocked.). Most people would probably call me full blown gay if they knew what I had done in the past (because of the rules, I can't really post those, though if I were to give the guy a grade, a C would probably fit, he was kind of an ass, and I broke it off, we weren't THAT kind of gay, just two teens exploring their sexual standing, but if I was full blown gay and not afraid about it, I would have broke it off cause he was lousy), but I say bi because I would still like to meet and marry the right girl. Now that that's out of the way...on to my greatest fantasy. (Names have been changed)


My friend contacts me and says, 'Hey Frank you wanna come over to my house for a sleep over?' To which I respond immediately, 'Sure dude, I'll be over at about eight.' 'Ok,' he responds, and I go ask mom, who says yes, I pack up my stuff and wait for eight to roll around.

When it finally does my mom takes me up to my friends house, we roll up, and I get out, say bye to mom and meet my friend at the door, who's all ready for bed, in a T-shirt, and basketball-type shorts. I run up to him saying, 'Hey John, how ya doing'?'

'Good,' he responds, 'Glad you could make it.'

'Ja, ich auch,' I respond to him in German (I'm not German I just took a class, true) and then translate for him, laughing my head off, after seeing the weird look on his face, 'Yeah, me too.'

'Well anyway, come on in dude, I got us some snacks laid out, and a few movies too.'

'Ok, cool. What movies we gonna watch?'

'You'll see,' he says with a wry smile. I'm now intensely curious. We come into the kitchen and load up our plates with snacks and then go over to his big screen TV, and begin to watch movies.

About an hour later, his parents come into the room, still dressed and getting on coats and saying, 'Ok, you two, we're going out and probably won't be back till about 6 or 7. You behave yourselves, and call us if you need anything.' After they walked out, I looked at John with a questioning look, it was his turn to laugh and he said, 'My parents are going out, it's their anniversary today.'

'Oh ok, how sweet,' I respond. 'Yeah, now for the real action,' John says. 'HUH?' I said. John clicks the remote and the TV switches to one of those free porn channels and we start watching some gay porno, my cock was slowly starting to get hard.

My friend looked over at me and laughed again, saying, 'Looks like you're getting a little turned on.' I look over at him, and see his shorts starting to tent, and I say, 'Dude, look at yourself.'

John suddenly gets up, and tells me follow him and we go into his room, he shuts and locks his door, and then comes close to me, and starts to undo my pants, saying, 'Here let me help you take care of that.'

At these words, my cock shot up to full intensity, my ultimate dream was coming true, since about after a year after I'd met John I've always wanted have a j/o session with him, but could never work up the courage, let alone a plan to do it. But here it was. John took off all of my clothes, along with his, and then pushed me back onto his bed, and then sat on top of me, his huge 6' dick pressing against my balls and anus.

I must have been trembling, because he laughed, and said, 'Dude calm down...I'm not gonna hurt you, and nobody's gonna find out.' He then came closer and kissed me, working around my neck and then connecting with my mouth, his tongue playing with mine, and then he reached down with his other hand and started to play with our cocks, rubbing them together and stuff.

He then got off of me, and then sat on his knees between my legs, and started to play and pleasure my cock in so many different ways that I had not even known about, that I was in absolute heaven, he rubbed my dick slowly and then I pushed his hand away, and got up and bent down on my knees too in front of him, and started to play with his member, in almost the same way he had played with mine, causing him to moan and groan in pleasure.

He pushed me back again, and connected with my mouth again, and then started to grind our twitching cocks together. I was now moaning so loud that that his neighbors (he lives out in the country side) probably could have heard my ecstasy. And just when I didn't want it to stop, it did, I shot perhaps one of the biggest loads in my life, like 4 or 5 long ropes. One hitting the bottom of my chin, and the rest landing in a line from there, and my cock now just oozing jizz. I pushed my friend off again and now started grinding my hard, sensitive cock into his ball sac. I could see his cock starting to twitch more and he started to reached the point of no return.

I took some of the cum on my chest and used it as lube on his cock, and started to rub his cock hard and fast. He groaned and moaned, probably louder than I did, saying, between gasps of breath, 'Oh yeah...uh uh uh, oh oh, that, uh uh, feels really good. Uh uh uh, Oh I'm gonna CUM!'

And like four or five strokes later, he shot his load, about six or seven long, hot ropes of his own boy juice, and I came down on him, our cum soaked chests rubbing together, and kissed him for about two minutes and then broke away.

I got up and went over to his desk, and got a box of tissues and we cleaned off together, flushing them later. After that we both got into his bed, and slept naked in each others arms. Thankfully we woke up about 5 o'clock and managed to make everything look normal before his parents got home and saw us.

After that we're still good friends, and he's still straight like always, and I'm still myself. Just with a bigger friendship with him.


There you have it, my biggest fantasy. Thanks for reading, I'm glad I wrote this. Gave me a chance to get it out of my system (plus a huge boner). Since this is my first time posting here, comments about the story, things that I should change next time I post here (which I hope I do), would be VERY welcome.



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