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My Fantasy

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Not a true story, but something I WISH would happen


This is what I think about while bringing myself to an amazing orgasm...

I'm home alone (no one else will be there for the rest of the day), and I'm VERY horny. I take off all my clothes and walk around naked all day. I go out into my back yard and lay on the lounge chair. My left hand moved to my left tit and starts to rub the nipple. I begin to feel my cunt juices start to flow. I know my gorgeous 37 year old single neighbour Nathan is just on the other side of the fence doing some yard work. I hope he will look over at me. I start to moan, so he'll hear me. It works. He peeks over the fence. I want to put on a show for him, so I spread my legs and start to rub my clit. I start moaning louder. I'm so wet by this time. I look over to where Nate was standing, and he's not there anymore! SHIT! I really wanted him to see me coming. Oh well, can't stop now. Keep rubbing that clit, don't stop, that's it, just like that. Almost there... Hey! Who is blocking my sun? OH MY GOD! Nathan is in my yard standing over the lounge chair in which I am naked and masturbating! He says 'Nice little show. Is it all for me?' I reply: 'I'm having some trouble finishing the job, can you lend a hand?' Nate sits on the chair and puts his fingers on my clit and starts rubbing. He can't believe how wet I am. AHHH YES. 'Put your fingers in me and start fucking me' I moan. Mission accomplished. My cunt sucks up his fingers like there's no tomorrow. He is still able to use his other hand on my clit while his finger pump in and out of me. My legs spread wider, my back is arched, there are tears streaming out of my eyes. I have never had anything feel this good. 'Don't ever stop fucking me!' I yell. I scream. I moan. Holy Shit. 'I'm coming!' Don't stop. Please don't stop. That's it, keep rubbing. Keep pumping. WOW. ORGASM.

Nathan takes his fingers out of my cunt. They are soaking wet. He wipes them on his shorts and turns to walk back to his yard. I grab the hem of his shorts and say 'Hey, where are you going? It's your turn!' I pull him back to me and grab his cock. Just as I thought. It's hard as a rock. I start stroking him inside his shorts. I sit up in the chair and he unzips his shorts and whips out his massive dick. HOLY SHIT. I've never seen one that big. He straddles the chair facing me. I wrap my fingers around it and start moving up and down. He wraps his hand around mine and sets the pace. Pumping Pumping. Faster. 'Make me come!' He's talking dirty as I jack him. 'You like to fuck me this way don't you? AH AH AH! I'm gonna co... SPLASH. Cum all over my tits. I take my free hand and rub it into my skin like it was lotion. My hand is still pumping his cock as he regains his composure. He picks me up and takes me back over to his house and we fuck all day. Every way possible. With mouths, with toys, with food. Many orgasms.

This is my fantasy. While typing this out, I have had to stop many times to rub my clit to orgasm. Hope this brings many happy comes for you!



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