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My Fantasy

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I am married to a great woman who is my best friend and a fantastic lover. We have several children and aren't as sexually active as I would like. However, I can deal with it by pleasuring myself. My wife and I have both talked about masturbation, usually when we are making love or playing our favorite game, Truth or Dare.

She has said that she masturbates, but not that often. She isn't opposed to it, she just can't find much time to herself or is usually tired after a long day of taking care of the children.

When we have played Truth or Dare in the past, it invariably leads to a dare to masturbate for each other. The last time we played, she dared me to do it first, which really surprised me. I was in my boxers. I pulled them down and took it in my left hand and stroked it gently until it was very long and hard. She watched intently and quietly the entire time. We usually have a time limit, and ours that night was 60 seconds per dare. That wasn't long enough to cum, but that was fine as I didn't want the game to end.

After I stopped, of course, I asked her to masturbate for me. She was sitting up against the headboard of our bed, with her knees bent. In the candlelight, I had a clear view. She wasted no time in pulling down her panties and rubbing her fingers around her most private area. I could hear the wetness as she moved it from her slit to her clit. She likes to make circles around her button, and wasted no time focusing all of her attention on her bud.

Again, she only had 60 seconds and when it was up, I could tell that she really didn't want to stop. But, the teasing is part of the allure of the game. We can be naughty, but only for a limited time.

After several more dares, I was ready to 'end' our game. I said that I was really turned on by watching her play with herself, but instead of asking her to do it again, I asked her if I could play with her. I liked the idea of role reversal, that I was the masturbating woman. I have always wondered what it would feel like to be a woman and to play with yourself. I have played with myself so much (and after all, I'm a guy playing with a penis...it's mine, but it's still a penis), isn't it natural to want to play with a woman in the same way?

So I got behind her and leaned against the headboard. She then leaned with her back against my tummy. I reached down between her legs and felt her wetness. I slowly pierced the entrance of her most dark and secret softness with my finger, withdrew the wetness, and spread it on her clit.

She was moaning with pleasure. I circled her clit with my finger, the way I had seen her do it just minutes before. I circled faster as I heard her breathing increase. I could feel her body pressing against mine as I cupped one of her breasts in mine. She loves to have pressure on her breasts as she cums.

Suddenly, she jerked, and straightened her legs. Her head turned to the side and she was cumming. I felt that I was her, that I had masturbated. I felt at one with her and held her as she shuddered and relaxed. In the afterglow I held her and felt such closeness and love.

But the game was not over.

Instead of a dare, she wanted me to ask her for the truth. I asked her to describe for me the first time she ever made love.

She turned around to face me and told me to lie on my back. She straddled me, raising her bottom and parting her legs, she grabbed my hard cock and slid it quickly inside. She felt so wet and hot and tight that I thought I couldn't last very long. She began to tell me a story.

During her first year of college, she had been out drinking with her friends. She had been drinking punch made out of everclear. At that time, she didn't realize how drunk she was getting.

Later that night, she found her way back to her dorm, but didn't have a key to get into her room, so she lay down on the floor. This was a coed floor and the room across from hers was shared by two male friends of hers.

One of the guys came by and asked her if she wanted to come inside and stay with him until her roomate got home. She went inside and they lay down together on the floor, because she had already been asleep and was still sleepy.

She was drunk and horny. As they cuddled on the floor, they started to kiss and things got serious pretty fast. She pulled down his pants and held his cock in her hand, feeling it harden. She moved down and started to give him head when she realized that they weren't alone. His roommate was also there with his girlfriend. They were lying in his bed watching!

You have to remember, the entire time that she is telling me this story, she is riding me, sliding up and down on me.

She is so horny that she doesn't stop. She is wearing a skirt and slides her panties off, takes his cock and slides it inside.

She then said to me, 'I was doing it with him just like I am doing it with you right now'.

At that point I lost it. I shot all I had into her slit. It was the most intimate and sexy moment of my life. My otherwise normal wife, telling me she had sex with anther couple watching! And in a way, she was re-enacting it with me at the same time she told me the story.

For months now, when I masturbate, all I need to do is picture my sweet wife with another man's cock in her slit, as another couple watch (and in my fantasy make love) and I am cumming in no time.

Since she doesn't know that this is my favorite fantasy, maybe I will show her this post as a surprise!



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