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My Experiences (Part 1)

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Just one story from a collection of many.


First off, I want to say that this is a completely awesome site! I've known a couple of other sites that have been shut down due to 'governmental regulations' or such, and I think it's wrong that this kind of information is being withheld from those that seek it. There are many people out there that are severely misinformed, and these resources are exactly what they need. Anyway, onto the stories.

My first experience with masturbation, I believe occurred somewhere around the age of eight or nine. I lived in a small town (population 150), so my school class size wasn't very big, probably about 13 or 14 including myself. One day during the spring, come lunch time, our conversation inevitably turned to masturbation, as young boys are often prone to discussing. The question went around: 'Have you ever done it?' A couple of them said they did it quite often, others not so much. I truthfully answered that I had never done it before. A couple laughed, and one was surprised that I hadn't. I replied that I would try it later that day, in the evening sometime.

Time passed ever so slowly, and I eagerly awaited the time at which I would be sent to bed. Not able to take it anymore, I yawned and said I was really tired, and went to bed twenty minutes earlier than usual. My room was in the basement, my parents shared a room upstairs and my sister (three or four at the time) had her own room as well.

I climbed into bed wearing just my undies. I started by running my fingertips over the fabric, producing a tickling sensation. My penis slowly became erect as I did this, and I was forced to free it from its fabric prison. Now completely naked, I grabbed my booklight and slid under the covers, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed. I watched my erection pulse with my heartbeat. Never before had I been so aroused, possibly due to the immense anticipation that had built up throughout the day. I curled my thumb and two fingers around it and slowly stroked up and down. It felt so good at first, but the feelings declined slowly. I got the idea that maybe I could use my saliva as lubrication to make it feel better, so I began saving up as I continued stroking with all my fingers now. Probably 30 seconds later, I figured I had enough, and spit a liberal amount into my right hand, and slid it down onto my fading erection.

The initial feeling was incredible, almost shocking. The extra warmth heightened the elation, and I stroked faster as the good feelings culminated. My lubrication began to dry out quickly, so I positioned my mouth over my penis and let some more saliva dribble out onto it. As seconds elapsed, I began to feel as though I had to pee badly, but my friends had told me that this is when it started getting really good, so I continued, stroking as quickly as ever. Moments later, my muscles tensed up involuntarily, and I shuddered as a wave of ecstacy shot through my body. Breathing heavily, I collapsed back onto the bed and whipped off the covers to get some cool air. My first dry orgasm had left me momentarily stunned, but very happy. I soon fell asleep, and would report my experience to my classmates the following day. I had many sessions following this, each of them just as good as the first if not better.

Well, I should probably cut this off here, as it's getting a bit long, and I don't want to spill all my good memories in one post. So, until next time, this is Mª saying, Happy Masturbating! Thanks for reading!



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