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My Experiences (3)

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The saga continues...


Happy New Year! I do realise this won't be posted for several days, but I said it anyway. Now, here's the long-awaited Part 3.

Skipping ahead a few years to the present day. Since I'm typing this at 12:22am, I'll actually call it yesterday. About twelve hours ago, almost to the minute, I was alone. Mom had left to pick up my sister from our grandparents' house, and they were going to go and do some minor grocery shopping afterwards, so I had what turned out to be over two hours, although I only ended up needing forty minutes. At 12:15, I knew what I was going to do. I gathered the necessary items and headed to the bathroom, specifically the shower, my favorite masturbation site.

Within ten minutes I was set up to go. Now, I had opted for some anal stimulation this time. Having done this before, I knew exactly how to prepare. I typically get on my knees and lay my head on the floor, with my butt in the air, positioned so a stream of water hits my hole directly. The massaging effect is actually rather relaxing, and anyone that has tried anal knows that one of the main keys is relaxation. The other is lube, and lots of it. After about five minutes, I figured I was ready. I stood up and aimed the shower head at the curtain, to minimise water splash, and sat down in the tub floor. I squeezed a bit of shampoo into my latex glove (they're a small size, it helps to get it on, and the scent helps to minimize other 'odors') and slid it onto my left hand. I'm right-handed, by the way. I took a moment to make sure the outside of the glove was shampoo-free (it burns like crazy if it gets in there...), then dipped it into my glass of my lube of choice, canola oil. It's incredibly common, cheaper than most oils, and chances are you already have some in your house. I followed suit with my right hand, and applied it to my hardening cock, giving a few strokes in the process.

Now, the third key to anal is patience. You have to start slow and small. The pinky finger works great for the first insertion. Once I got it in, I worked around, stretching the sphincter muscles, preparing them for the next step. I pulled out, applied more lube, and graduated to the index finger. Keep in mind that I'm slowly stroking my cock while doing this. I soon switched to the middle finger, taking a few swipes at my prostate. After about a minute, I slipped out and switched to the thumb, which went in easily. This is where things start getting good.

Now I'm stroking faster, as I can position my thumb so it applies constant pressure to my prostate. A little hip-movement generates varying levels of stimulation, which simulates a thrusting effect. I edge once before switching fingers again. Applying more lube to both hands, I move up to the smaller of the finger pairs, the ring and pinky. There isn't much prostate contact now, this is mainly in preparation for the final step, although I do edge once more, consuming a couple more minutes. For the final step, I switch to the larger two fingers, index and middle, and thrust them in as deep as possible.

Now I'm really getting into it. At this point, I'm writhing about, groaning softly as my right hand pumps my slick cock, and my left fingers pump my prostate, pushing me to near breaking point. I manage to control myself enough to edge once more, taking a 30 second break. I cease stroking, but continue to push into my prostate. My right hand sets to work again, and my left hand's work increases in intensity. It isn't long before I feel the onset of the orgasm, and at this point, I completely lose control. I'm thrashing about, writhing in ecstacy, groaning repeatedly. Then it hits. I feel the hot cum rising, and I go into a frenzy. All hand activity doubles, and I cry out in high-pitched moans, unable to control myself. The cum explodes out, hitting my chest, the shower curtain and wall, my arms, everything. It must have been a good twenty seconds before my orgasm subsided. Slipping my fingers out of my butt, I pulled off the glove and laid there, my heart still pounding, muscles completely relaxed. I don't think I've ever cum so hard in my life. It was absolutely fantastic. It took me a good two minutes to recover, at which point I stood up and finished my shower. Afterwards, I went to my room, closed the door, and lay face down on my bed, towel covering my butt, reveling in the moment.

Heh, I've definitely had a good day. You can bet I'll be doing this again, and more often too. You can try it as well, just so long as you remember the three keys to anal: Relax, lube up, and take it slow. At least those are my three keys. Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, my resolution for the new year is to keep a journal of all my masturbation sessions, including time, date, location, method, and what not.

Until next time, this is M^2 saying Happy jackin/jillin, and thanks for reading!



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