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My Experiences

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I was a late bloomer, in that I didn't start masturbating until I was probably 14. I heard about it from other guys at school, usually in the form of them pointing fingers at other guys who they said were jacking off. (As if it's a bad thing, and they weren't doing it too). I don't remember knowing how it was done, but I waited for my parents to go to sleep. I used my thumb and index finger to rub the top and side of penis. I kept doing this and kept stopping as the sensation was almost too much to handle. Eventually, it went so far as to make me cum for the first time. All I remember thinking is that I was a man now, and that I was going to do this all the time. I grew up very religious, and remember hearing masturbation was bad, but I just didn't care. I did it all the time, at least every night. In the summer while home alone, I'd do it several times a day. I think I did it around 10 times one day, before I got to a point of not being able to cum any longer. I also remember asking my dad about the sores I would sometimes cause. I hadn't figured out at this point to j/o with the skin I had on my penis. I am unfortunately circumsized, but have enough skin to use. My dad gave me some cream, a prescription, and I don't know what it was, but it always made the redness from rubbing go away within a day. I soon learned to use the skin I had. My parents are quite a bit older than me, so I was rather sheltered in my beliefs and the world. I never experienced any sex play with other kids. After reading this site and others like Jackinworld, I realize I missed a fun opportunity.
When I was 17, I went on a road trip with my best friend, we'll call him Josh. Josh and I were on our way back home, when I asked if he had a deep dark secret. He looked at me as if I'd read his mind. He too admitted he did. I felt mine was on a whole different level than his probably was. I enjoyed thinking of other guys while masturbating. I still wasn't gay, but other guys were always in my fantasies. I really particulary enjoyed PE in High School, so I could see a lot of boys my age 17-18 nude. Sadly there was never sex play. It was Oklahoma 1989, and they are very conservative there. Me and Josh talked for a while, neither wanting to share the secret, but eventually he went first. He told me that he fantasized about guys. I was in shock, but very elated. I finally had someone to talk to about what was going on with me. Eventually we agreed to get together at a nearby lake to talk. We ditched our friends and the normal Friday night football game. We talked forever at the lake, and even though he was my best friend, this bonded us forever. Eventually, we decided we wanted to experiment a little, so we started touching. I still remember to this day the feeling of his hand on my thigh. (It was summer and we had shorts on). It was like electricity was shooting through me. We started to kiss and 'make out.' We eventually ended up naked in the back of his car. We only had oral sex. Because of the volume of cum on his part, he cums buckets, I couldn't swallow it all, after promising I could. I went home that night with no socks, I'm grateful my parents didn't notice. This night started what would end up being the beginning of my sexual awakening. I am of course gay, and so is he. I will write more later.....



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