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My Experiences

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My earliest memories of masturbation is when I was about three or four. I recall sitting under the close drying stoop playing with myself and enjoying the feelings. A short time later a guy, girl and I were playing beneath the kitchen window of the row housing we lived in. He and I decided to expose ourselves and then got the idea to put each other's cocks in our mouths. How do four year olds ever come up this idea I will never now. I was first and in putting his penis in my mouth I backed off saying that it didn't taste very good. To me it tasted oily. He then went down on me for much longer than I on him. The girl only looked on and later told her mom, who came and told my mom. I was devastated at what her mother was telling my mom, crying, denying what had happened and such. Surprisingly my mom didn't make much of it, good for her.
I don't recall much after that until I was about seven when I used to sleep over at the next door neighbours. I didn't understand the difference then, I was cut, but he was uncut and we would fool around by pulling each others pajama bottoms down. I recall that we always had erections. Like I he had two younger sisters and at his house we would play a game in which if you went form the bed to the floor and an alligator would attack you. To be saved you would then have to put the alligators penis in your mouth. Again I didn't like the taste of my friends cock, yet he and his sisters where quite comfortable putting my cock in their mouths.
The neighbours kids on the other side of us had girls and I exposed myself to them on many occasions. They seemed to like but it didn't go any further. One night my family had dinner at their house and I went to the bathroom to take a leak and all three girls, plus my sisters watched and laughed as I took a piss.
One night I went over to my guy friends, he and his older sister were taking a bath together as I watched. After getting out of the tub my friend preceded to take a piss and pulled his foreskin back. I was amassed and asked him if it slid back on it's own when he took a piss. I don't recall his answer but to this day I still like foreskin and get pissed off at the fact that my parents had there son circumcised.
We moved when I was about ten and I then had to make new friends. It was never easy for me to make friends as we always seemed to move every there years or so. I had built a make shift car out of cardboard over my wagon and one cool autumn night while sitting in it a younger friend was watching as I drove my make shift car. I had to take a piss and got out a did so. He was so interested as my cock was much larger than his. I let him take a close long look at it and he showed me his. A number of incidences happened over this time in my life, yet most of it was show and tell. However there was some mutual fondling especially of mine as I had the biggest cock. I was about thirteen when riding my bike when my foot slid off the peddle and my crotch landed on the bar. I had to lay down on the grass as the pain was so great. That night while taking a bath I noticed that my balls where not hard but rather soft and mushy. I was scared that I had ruptured myself. However the next morning all was fine.
Sometime after while playing in the basement I got an erection, whipped it out and began to masturbate as my older cousin had taught me. It wasn't long before a strange feeling came over me and I had my first orgasm and I was hooked.
At about fourteen a friend came over to show how big his cock had grown. Wow his had grown as big as mine in a short time. I touched his, what a rush and then I preceded to fondle his balls, they were soft, just like mine once were. I explained to him that the same thing had happed to me and not be concerned. To this day I have not been able to find an explanation to this pubescent occurrence and have only one other friend that recalls the event happening. Perhaps because it only seems to last for a matter of hours.
In time I learned that you could have some wild feeling by using Vaseline and a slow gentle touch. I would masturbate slowly building the tension in my body until I felt like I was almost floating, then suddenly I would have the most wonderful orgasm. One feeling that I recall during this method, as weird as it sounds, was the sensation of bubbles passing up the root of my penis.
Sadly it wasn't until my late teens that I began dating girls and by twenty had lost my virginity. However there were none that I wanted to marry. The next strangest event was when I was twenty-eight and met a neighbour boy of sixteen that enjoyed hiking and nature photography as I did. We became close and one night when he was seventeen he stayed over at my place to plan the following summers mountain adventures. I woke up a few times during the night and noticed that he was still awake. Upon waking the third time we began to talk and he said that he wanted to do something sexual. Now we had talked about sex prior to this night and I had mentioned that I was bi-sexual. As it turned out we had sex many times over several years until he moved back to Denmark when he was twenty-one. Strange enough thoughs were some of the best times of my life. It was because he had a foreskin that I began to experiment in my own foreskin restoration, which I finally achieved some years later. It was like I had discovered masturbation all over again, with the extra skin and a more sensitive head.
I didn't have another lasting relationship until I was thirty-five with a woman ten years younger than I. It was the first time that I lived with a woman and our relationship had lots of ups and downs. She loved me to shave or pluck the hair around the base of my penis and my scrotum. Over time I began to like it too and eventually had electrolysis. Suddenly after about five years it just ended.
I am forty-nine now and still love to masturbate, just not as often. Hopefully someday I can again recapture some of the sexual adventures of my past and if not I still have my memories which have now become fantasies for self abuse.



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