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My Experience With Another Male After a 15-year Pause

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Waiting in line at a massage parlor, and older gentleman offered to give me a hand-job in his hotel room


When I was in my upper 20’s, I had a job where I traveled a lot. When I traveled, I would visit massage parlors. I did my best to book a hotel close to one of these establishments.

Visiting a place one early evening, I was surprised to find it crowded. As far as massage parlors go, the place was not even that good. In the waiting area, I looked at a men’s magazine and started a conversation with a man in his mid 50’s. As it turned out, he was married, traveled for business, and was staying at the same hotel I was. We talked and compared notes about different parlors in different cities.

During the conversation, my “friend” mentioned that with all the guys in front of us, it may be a while before it’s our turn. He then said, “Look this is all about getting a hand-job. Why don’t we go back to my room, I’ll put on the dirty movie channel, and give you a massage with a happy ending. You don’t have to anything you won’t feel comfortable with.”

Back in 8th grade a friend and I would look at men’s magazine and sometimes jack each other off. I hadn’t touched a guy since, however his suggestion gave me a hard-on and I accepted his offer. I followed him back to our hotel. We went into his room and he set up the TV to view the in-house porn channel. Back then, hotels had only one straight porn channel.

With the porn movie on, he told me to get undressed. As I undressed, so did he. Both our cocks were average size, however he had more of a “mushroom shaped” head and was thicker. I got even more excited looking at his cock and noticing our differences. Looking at him naked and hard, I knew I would be returning the favor.

He suggested I lay on my stomach so I could watch the movie. He got some lotion and started to massage my back and shoulders. His hands felt wonderful. He worked his way down and ran his finger up and down the crack of my ass. His strong hands felt great on my legs and feet.

He asked me to turn over so he could massage my front. I arranged myself so I could watch the movie as he massaged me. He worked his way up my legs, past my crotch without touching my cock or balls. He then moved up to my chest were he paid attention to my nipples. He worked his way back to my crotch area and massaged around again without touching my cock or balls.

By not touching my cock, I am sure he was teasing me. It worked. I reached out and fondled his cock and balls. He then started to rub my balls and stroke my cock with his hand covered with lotion. He tried to suck me but I wouldn’t let him.

I never thought I would enjoy being with another man again but my orgasm was one of the most intense I have ever had.

I started to massage his back; however I could not keep my hands off his ass. I massaged his legs and feet and had him turn over. When I worked my way up to his crotch, I did not hesitate stroking his cock. Even though he was about my size, his cock felt much different from mine. I knelt above him as I stroked his cock with one hand and played with his nipples with the other. He was also fondling my cock while I was touching him. All this activity got me hard again. I kept stroking his cock and soon I was rewarded with watching him have an orgasm.

We laid down facing each other and touched each other’s bodies. What came next I still don’t believe I did. Lying in bed next to him, after I had a very satisfying orgasm and had given him the same, I felt very close. I put my mouth on his lips and we started to kiss. Tentatively at first but soon our tongues were exploring the insides of each other’s mouths. Just as his cock felt different in my hand, so did kissing a man. He started to kiss his way down my body but I stopped him. He asked me if I wanted to go to dinner on his expense account. I agreed but wanted to take a shower first. The hotel was nice and the rooms had large showers. While I was in the shower, he came in with me. In the shower, we kissed, hugged, and held our cocks together as we rubbed our cocks together for a mutual orgasm.

At dinner we sat next to each other in a corner booth. Under the table, we felt each other’s thighs and cocks. We even snuck in a kiss.

After dinner, I told him that I needed to get back to my room and call my wife. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet again on the road. I went back to my room and I told my wife that I had been out to dinner with a client and that we went drinking. I thought about going back to my friend’s room however two orgasms was enough for the first time.

We lived in different cities and his city was in my territory. We met a few more times on the road. I also had threesomes with him and his wife at their home. Even though I was not into everything they were, my friend and his wife always welcomed me to their home and bedroom. I ended up getting a different job and we got out of touch.



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