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My Experience at College

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I always thought I was fully lesbian. I dont hate men or any of that rubbish, I am just sexually attracted to girls. Also, I'm not what you would call pretty. I'm plain, small breasted and not really someone who would catch your eye


I am doing a degree at college. In my year is a guy I will call Chris. Unlike any of the other guys I met at college, Chris showed an interest in me and sometimes, if a lecture was too boring for words, we would go back to his room and make out. Usually, it was just kissing, with a little light touching of my breasts and sometimes I would let him touch my pussy through my panties. I didn't get very aroused though, although he did.

One time, we were out of campus and walked back to my flat. I can't really remember how we got into this position, but I was lying on my bed and Chris was sitting beside me. We started to kiss and Chris slipped his hand up under my t shirt and cupped my breast. For some reason, I suddenly became aroused. This time, when he slipped his hand up my skirt I was really hoping he would push his luck and go under my panties. For a while we kissed and I felt his fingers on my pussy. Then he just took my panties off me. Suddenly, I was naked from the waist down and Chris was staring at me. (I should say here that I don't go much for dirty talking, and I hate the 'c' word) Chris didnt know this because he said 'Heather, you have the most beautiful cunt I've ever seen.'

Oh My God! I just melted. I felt a huge welt of wetness and suddenly, I was soaked. Not just wet, soaked. Chris pushed first one then two fingers right inside me. Something I have not let anyone, male or female do. I felt like I was on fire. I could feel him rubbing my clit and at the same time pushing in and out of me. I spread my legs as wide as I possibly could and Chris started pumping harder. As I arched my back the tips of his fingers seemed to touch something inside me. Suddenly, I felt like I was going to pee all over his hand and I tensed up. Chris, bless him, must have known because he said 'Heather, just give in to it. I don't mind if you cum, pee or anything. I know you are close, go for it.'

I tried to relax myself but couldn't quite get to where I was before so I said 'Talk to me. Say dirty words.' Now, I would have been happy if he had done just that. Just said a row of bad words to me. Instead he told me how much he ached to be inside me, how his cock was hard, but best of all he told me how my cunt looked. and BOY did that do it. All of a sudden the world splintered and fell apart. I felt myself exploding. I totally lost it. The next thing I was aware of was Chris still fingering me. He kept on going, getting slower and softer until I 'landed'. Then I did something I have never done with a man, and I mean not ever. I asked him to get his cock out. As he did, I took my t shirt off and asked him to kneel across me on the bed and jack off over my tits. (I couldn't press them together for him to fuck because I am THAT small) Chris did as I asked and when he came, I got some of it on my breasts, but most of it on my face and in my mouth.

Chris really made me feel good that day, and since then we have done a lot of things. He got a girlfriend soon after, but they both knew it was a college romance and both of them were seeing other people from time to time. Chris and I carried on our msturbation sessions and sometimes, he would bring his girlfreinds knickers over so I could lick them while he licked me out.

Just before we both left college and went our separate ways in the world, Chris told me that when I orgasmed that first time I peed myself, but he told me it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen, totally losing control.

If you're reading this, Chris, I am still living alone and I want you to know you are most welcome to come and visit me. You know where. I have a partner called Anna, and she knows about what we did at college. Please get in touch.



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