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My Experience as a Security Guard

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I tried to post this contribution about an experience I had working as a security guard a while ago but it never appeared, maybe because it was too explicit. I've rewritten it to make it less explicit.


After I got out of the Navy I worked nights and weekends as a security guard while I was putting myself through school. It was a job that gave me plenty of time to read and study. I should also mention that since I was usually completely alone, hardly a shift went by that I didn't jerk off at least once.

This incident happened one Saturday evening in the summer. I was working at a small four-storey office building that was deserted at the time, except of course for me. I was on a walk-through inspection of the premises, which I was supposed to do several times each shift.

It was late but it was still quite light out. From a window on the second floor I happened to notice two teenage boys skateboarding in the parking lot behind the building. They looked to be about 17 or 18. One of them was tall and skinny, with short, close-cut sandy hair. The other boy was not as tall but not necessarily short, with darker hair. They were shirtless and I could see that they were both well-built and athletic. I watched them for a while.

Eventually, the tall, skinny boy jumped off his skateboard, flipped it up into his fist and set it upside down on the blacktop. He stood facing the building, opened his jeans, pulled out his dick and took a piss right there.

I guess he figured no one could see him, because the parking lot behind the building was surrounded on three sides by a wooded area and couldn't be seen from the road that ran in front of the building, and he must have assumed that the building was empty at that hour, especially since there were no cars parked in the lot. He couldn't see me because the windows of the building were coated so you could look out but not in.

The tall, skinny guy pointed his dick up at the building and his piss made an arc in the air. I was amazed at the size of his dick, and so, apparently, was his buddy, who looked straight at it as he was pissing. When the tall, skinny boy was through he gave his dick a few tugs like he was jacking off and grinned at his buddy. His buddy said a few words to him. He gave a surprised look at his buddy, and then shot him another grin and said something to him.

The two of them left their skateboards on the blacktop and walked off together into the woods. I could just see their heads and the upper parts of their bodies, but there was no mistaking what they were doing there.

Watching them I got a raging hard on that I had to take care of. I opened my pants, whipped it out and went to town. It didn't take me long. I grabbed an empty coffee mug off a desk and shot my wad into it.

When they finished what they were doing in the woods, the two boys sauntered back out into the parking lot, jumped on their skateboards and dashed off.



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