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My Experience

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Dear all Solo Touch readers,

I wish you all a happy journey in your wanking sessions. I have been a regular reader for the past one year and three months. I am 25 years old male and I live in the southern part of India. I have posted a few experiences of mine here in this website, but very few-like less than 10 times. I have always been a happy person to read all the experiences that get posted in this website.

But the sad part is that I am still a virgin and I had never seen a live pussy or breasts. I was a regular masturbator ever since I attained my puberty at 14. I have always wanked myself happily for about 10 years. I have wanked once a day.

But when I joined my college I have wanked madly like in between classes. We had a hostel attached with in college campus. I use to go to my room jerk off and attend the class. The time duration will be less than a minute. But I always liked my orgasms and the sticky cum in my underwear. Some times I smell too. Who cares? I feel happy with in myself and my body.

After completing college, I had joined for work. When I was working in my office, there was a lady receptionist, she was younger than me, she was 20 years of age, I was 23 that moment. We got along very well and we started talking about sex and our fantasies. In the beginning we use to feel scared, particularly I use to feel very much scared, but I cannot resist her. As time went on, I understood that she too was looking at me in a more sexual way than I had on her. Since I use to wank every day once, I have this precum oozing at some times, that's before when I have the urge to pee. But when I joined for the work in the office, when there was this female receptionist, I started oozing my precum like peeing in my underwear. I started talking to her in a more sexual way, when she does not know anything about email and chatting. Her name is Sophia. My name is Suresh. Once as usual, this was in the beginning of our friendship. She asked me to teach her how to chat online and how to create and use an id. I helped her on the same and showed he adding my name in her messenger and showed her the chat rooms. I never look in to her work, mean to say when she is around the computer doing some work on the Internet, I just stay as civilized and keep my self away.

One day this was during the lunch hours, every staff had their food and all have gone out. But I was curious to peep in to what she was doing. So I went and stood next to her. But I was shocked to see she was chatting in the masturbation room and that too I am standing right next to her. I was very excited to see her in that room. She just smiled at me and asked me to sit next to her and watch her chatting. I too took another chair and started looking at her messages.

After this incident I really felt little embarrassed. But in the afternoon, when we were in the office she asked me to join her in the evening for a coffee. When we went to a hotel in the evening, there the talk started. She told me not to feel embarrassed or shame full on her actions. She asked me, 'Do you like girls??'

I said, 'Yes.'

Then she questioned me, 'Do you like me?'

I was stunned and shocked and I answered, 'Yes.'

She asked me whether I masturbate thinking about her.

I was shocked again as she went on questioning reading my mind. I admitted she is my fantasy and I have jerked every day once thinking about having sex with her.

But to my amazement, she on the other hand told me, she too likes me and masturbates herself imagining having sex with me. We both were smiling at each other and my penis was oozing and erected. She noticed that and admitted she too was excited.

After this incident our sexual fantasies started in our office. Either she will be behind me or I will be behind her. I liked her body odour as she takes a bath every two days. I always liked her body and underarms' sweat. I told her I like her body odour and it excites me. From that moment she always made sure to lift her arms up or cross her arms around my neck and she licks my lips' outer circumference with her tongue. It is like tying me and showing some porn stuff for me. I really get excited and ram on her stomach like having sex. On the other hand she too liked my body odour and she liked the smell of my precum. Hence she always made sure she excites me so that she can smell my precum.

Once as we went on like this, she told me, that Saturday evening, after office hours, she wanted to give me a surprise. This was in the evening when all the office staffs were out for home. At was around 6:30 in the evening and pretty dark too. She asked me to stay at the toilet. We had men's and women's toilet next to next in our office. I stood there, to my surprise she came out with her bra and panties in her hand and gave them to me. She asked me to smell and keep them with me to jerk in that night. She asked me to jerk on her panties and give them back to her on Sunday. I was shocked with that statement and I kept quiet. I was able to see her breasts were floating and her legs were wet, as she was not wearing any bra or panties. On the other hand, she asked me to return the favor. I was blunt; I didn't know what she was telling me. She again asked me to remove my underwear and give that to her; she wanted to jerk on my underwear. I was so excited my penis was like a strong rod and stood in front of her. I went to the toilet and removed my underwear and I left my shirt loosed out-so that people don't see my erect penis and precum oozing. I gave her my underwear she started licking it in front of me. I was really excited and was expecting to have sex with her.

But contrary to my expectation, we went to our cabin and dumped our garments in to our bags. But in the mean time the peon was searching for us, as he wanted to say that we must stay in office till 9 p.m. as some important fax will arrive at 8:30 p.m. and we have to work on that. I felt really bad. But again contrary to my expectation, Sophia agreed that she will stay and told the peon we both will be staying and completing any work that is received by the fax. In the mean time, the peon went home to have food as he expected Saturday would have been a rest day. He asked us to take care of the office and lock the front grill gate. There again we started, Sophia approached me and asked me, do I like her body odour and she told me she had not taken bath for 3 days and had been wearing the same inner wear to give that to me. I felt very horny. We both hugged and had dry sex. I felt her perky nipples poking on her shirt and she was dripping on her legs. We kissed for an hour. Finally I stated smelling her ass. She asked me what I am doing; I told her I wanted to taste her pussy. But she denied me to see that. Instead she asked me to lick the dripping precum of hers, closing my eyes. I did that for half and hour...

That's all my experience for now. I will keep you posted as and when I encounter some orgasms.



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