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My Ex Came To Visit

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A visit I will not soon forget


The worst part about breaking it off with my Ex was without a doubt, the sex. Nobody in this world has ever turned me on as much as (we will call her) Michele.

Michele and I had broken up two months prior to her surprise visit to my new place. She arrived while I was doing homework and trying to concentrate (being single has been known to drain your sex life and bore you to death with masturbation so homework is a great solution). As I hear the knock on the door I peel my way out of the chair I had been in for far too long. In my gym short, a tee shirt and a pair of flip-flops I open the door to see my gorgeous Ex. 'Can I come in...' she says, 'did you come here to kill me?' I said... She smiles, walks in like she owns the place and small talk ensues.

Michele is a busty woman, and the shirt she wore on this night was to bluntly remind me that this was something I used to have and love on a daily basis. Walking towards the living room and looking at the ass that I used to lick and slap with such pleasure, the magic thought of 'booty call' (or in this case Booty Show-Up) crossed my mind springing my once dormant cock to life at an alarming rate. The combination of not having ejaculated for possibly a week, seeing the sexiest women I know and the problem of wanting to be comfortable during homework (going sans underwear) made it quite obvious where my thoughts had trailed to.

Michele chose a very nice fitting pair of jeans that cupped her but perfectly and showed off her long legs for a 5'6' dishwater blond. And as I sat down in front her I got to see those beautiful blue eyes that could stop you from processing any thought except that she is gorgeous. She also opted to leave the contacts at home and go with make-up somewhere between 'bar-hopping' and 'important interview' accenting her Library Lady glasses that gave here a sexy twist and also reminded me that she quite an intelligent woman. With her hair down and lightly styled it came to the top of her breasts that were pushed to the sky in a $100 bra and wearing a striking black button-up blouse that gave one full view of the cleavage where I had once buried my face as often as possible.

Michele noticed my difficulty after a moment and commented on my now pronounced erection that had started to trail down the right leg of my cotton gym shorts... sadly they were light grey (hey, I was doing homework) and after a moment started to show that I was now leaking pre-cum. I brushed off her comment as best as I could and continued small talk even though my Cock seemed to be as erect as it has ever been, without question it was due to longing to have the perfect specimen that was 4 fee from me... we both tried to ignore my erection during the conversation at hand. When the conversation paused after about 2 minuets I realized my erection was going nowhere but 'up' so to speak, I took the time to sincerely apologize for my predicament... I explained since our break-up I have been without and truly have not thought about sex except with her, which by all means was totally true. What she didn't know is the only way I could pull off the rare spunk is looking at old pictures of her.

She told me that the sex department for her was empty as well, but it wasn't as a hint for 'lets fuck' it was more to torture me and to let me know she has done nothing but fondle her beautiful pussy and super orgasmic clit since our 2 year relationship had ended over a month ago. Michele knew what she was doing with that comment, knowing it would strike me right in the heart... she knew I loved no pussy more than hers and wanted nothing more that to eat her every day for as long as she could stand it. Michele had a pussy that was as sweet and tasty as they come, and the only reason I took my tongue out of it, was to stick my dick in it. Michele was not only great in bed, but quite orgasmic... sadly I had to remember that while she was sitting in front of me and my Cock is starting to work like a divining rod.

The conversation died down again to where we ended up just staring at each other in silence for what must have been 30 seconds... I knew she was torturing me, she knew she was torturing me and we both seemed to enjoy it! After that 30 seconds I told her exactly what I was thinking, that she was and will always be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen... continued silence... continued staring and enjoyment of just looking at each other, when we were interrupted by my Cock actually making my shorts move. It was not me intentionally moving it for attention, it was just throbbing that hard. She says 'You gonna be ok?' in a way that says she is getting satisfaction out of my torture but also probably wondered how turned on I really was... I said 'yeah sorry, just that looking at you is torture! You know I have never wanted anyone as much as you...' and continued looking at her. After a few more seconds my heart started pounding so hard in my ears it was making it hard to hear or think. I think she could see this in me because her gaze went from deviously trying to torture me to her thinking 'oh wow, I really am torturing a man I once loved, and in quite a good way'. After a few more seconds of staring at her something happened... It was that feeling like you are having sex, and you know you are going to cum and nothing is going to stop it. It was as if something had clicked in my head just like that occasion, except I was sitting still and just looking at my Ex. Michele's head turned to the side like a curious dog and said, 'really, are you ok?' now with more care in her voice. I looked at her, started gasping for air and said 'you are not going to believe this... but if I look at you for another minuet I will actually cum just from looking at you.' During my explanation I think she thought I was going to say I was having a heart attack or something (which would be easy to believe, I was really displaying all the behaviors of pre-orgasm except I was not moving!) but when I finished telling her she said with a smartass grin 'right, that I will believe when I see it'... and as she finished the sentence, he face changed again, and she might have started to believed... she knew I truly believed nothing on this earth was sexier to me than her... she knew something could... but what? He could not cum just looking at me could he?

As my ears began to ring, and my breathing became so quick and shallow... It began. I looked at Michele and said 'I love you', and that was the last intelligible sound I made for the next full minute. I kept looking her straight in the eye as sounds poured out of my mouth that made me so thankful we were not in public. As the ropes of cum started shooting out of my short as if by an act of God, it evidently go to her as well. Her face contorted going from amazement for a quarter of a second, to utter surprise, Michele was thrown back on the couch by her own body and her hips started pumping into the air. Gasping for air and keeping her hand over her hips a wave of orgasm had invaded her body and mind. For a full minuet without touching anything with her hands Michele had a raging orgasm to her amaze and delight without simulation from anything but her mind and possibly her muscles and maybe an assist from her jeans. The perfection of me shooting huge thick ropes of cum out of the end of my shorts with no manual manipulation, and her thrusting on the couch seemed to go on forever.

As the noise started to fade in my ears and her hips quieted down we looked at each other again... She looked at me with the biggest smile and said 'I didn't know I could do that! Ohmygod!, look at all that cum!' I looked at her and smiled proud at the huge mess I had made. We looked at each other for a moment catching our breath... Then Michele stood up, and said... 'well, now that that is out of the way' and started walking back to the bedroom and unbuttoning her shirt as if to say that we have quite a night ahead of us.

After 5 hours of great sex she finally went home, and I finally slept for more than 5 hours in one night.

I have not had an orgasm that good since then, sex or not, which goes to show you the power of love, desire and the human mind.

Here's hoping I run into her again next month, it will be worth the wait.



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