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My Erotic Life

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After discovering the pleasure of masturbation, over the next five years I discovered the extra pleasure of eroticism


This is a continuation of a story I began earlier. The first part was entitled 'How I learned to Masturbate' and I will call this one 'My Erotic Life' because after learning the pleasure of masturbation, I really began to experience eroticism and found that being in a state of erotic arousal, orgasms were much more enjoyable. After a few months of experiencing quick sessions of beating my meat and as I passed puberty and became more of a man, I began to understand the feeling of pleasure that a state of arousal could produce. After that my masturbation became less frequent but more intense, from a couple of quick jerk offs a day to a more lengthy and erotic experience.

I was completely ignorant of the anatomy of the female body so imagining that I was fucking a girl while I masturbated was somewhat confused but I could remember well that first time when my cousin had let me beat his huge cock into a cum spurting orgasm and how he had then made my own cock experience its first orgasm. It was that memory that often accompanied my masturbation sessions. These usually occurred at night as I lay in bed before dropping off to sleep. After a good orgasm, sleep came easily. Sometimes however during the day I would find myself dreaming about a good looking girl, maybe looking at pictures in a magazine but especially the pictures of girls wearing underwear in the Sears catalog. Then a trip to the bathroom and sitting on the commode, legs spread, cock hard and covered with a thick coat of spit that was almost as slick as cock juice, I would stroke my cock until it tickled wonderfully.

As my fuck sessions grew less frequent, the amount of cum I would shoot really increased. I really liked it when my orgasm was accompanied with a lot of cum. That was one of the best things about beating off in the bathroom, I could see the cum spurt and I would let it shoot onto the floor and wipe it up later. Jerking off in bed at night, I couldn't see it when I would shoot off and it was usually pretty messy. More and more I began to masturbate on the toilet before I went to bed. This sometimes made for problems as I kept the bathroom occupied too much. Fortunately, about this time my folks had an addition put on the house and I had a new bedroom with my own bath that was more removed from the main house giving me a lot more privacy. Now I would sometimes lie naked on the bed with the light on-the door was closed and locked-and watch my cock while I made it cum.

Everything changed one Winter day in January. The ground was covered with a new snow and I made the daily walk down the long, long driveway to the mailbox. Arriving at the mail box, I noticed quite a ways down the road something red lying on top of the ridge of snow left by the snow plow. Being curious, I walked down the road and found a red plastic bag that apparently had recently been tossed out of a car as it lay perched on the ridge of snow. I had to climb over the plowed snow bank to reach the bag but I retrieved it and began to walk back to the mailbox. I checked out the contents of the bag and saw several magazines inside.

I pulled one out and gasped in astonishment at the picture on the cover. There lay a gorgeous naked girl, legs spread, her pussy exposed, big tits hanging down, her hand feeling beside her hairy pussy. I just stood there in disbelief while at the same time my cock jumped into an instant erection! I had never even heard of pornography much less seen any picture of a girl showing anything but a little bit of her tits in a catalog ad. I flipped through the pages, eyes budged at picture after picture of naked people doing things that were obviously sex even though I had really no understanding of what sexual activity was. I wasn't sure what to do with the bag, I knew if I took it home someone would see me with it so I took it almost to the house and where no one could see, I buried it in the snow beside a fence post.

Later that night after everyone was asleep and I had laid on my bed, cock still hard from the thoughts of the pictures, I slipped out of the house and retrieved the bag and took it to my room. I slept very little that night because I looked and looked then jerked off and then looked some more and jerked off again. One of the magazines had some stories in it while the others were all pictures. Finally, I got around to reading the stories and from them I really learned about fucking, how girls like it, how they like to masturbate and how they masturbate each other, how guys also masturbate each other. I guess that was the first real sex education I had. I was so aroused for the next few weeks and jerked off so often that my cock grew sore and hurt too much to beat it off. That forced me to slow down and my masturbation sessions became more infrequent but much more deliberate and erotic.

Usually, I would begin thinking about it during the day but wasn't able to devote all the time I wanted so would hold off until bed time, all the while thinking about how good it was going to be. Then, in my room, I would get out one of the magazines and pick out one of the girls or one of the couples and imagine I was having sex with them. I could hear their voices telling me how much they wanted me to fuck them, how good I was making them feel, how big my cock was and how they liked it. Sometimes I would dream that they beat me off while I did it to myself or other times I would dream that I was thrusting my cock deep between their legs while I stroked myself. Usually, I would choose a magazine at random and just see which page it fell open to and have my fuck session based on what I saw.

So, sometimes a magazine would open up showing some guys playing with each other so then I would dream that we were having sex. Then I could remember how it was when my cousin showed me the first time. All the guys in the pictures had huge cocks, even bigger than I remembered my cousin being but, I knew that now he was older and his was probably bigger than these guys! Sometimes I would have two or more orgasms each time I would get the magazines out. The first one was always the best and produced the most cum but the second and sometimes the third were well worth the effort and when I finished my cock was a sloppy, floppy red mass. Sometimes the third orgasm would take 10 or 15 minutes to come and my hand and arm would get tired from the rapid stroking but I would fuck on until that delicious pleasure arrived again.

As the months and years went by, I came to know the names of each of the girls in the magazines and would fuck with them as I called them by name, sometimes I would imagine that I was having sex with several different girls, each from a different magazine at the same time. Over time the pages came to be really worn, the magazines fell apart and a lot of cum got spilled on them but they brought me hours and hours of erotic pleasure. But, with all the experience I had and except for that single time when I was shown the pleasure of sex, I never had opportunity to enjoy sex with another person. So, all I knew about sex was really what I had imagined together with the stories in the one magazine. I felt that sex was better when experienced with someone else but having no opportunity, I settled for what I had, my own hand!

For five years solo masturbation was an important and pleasurable part of my life. It was my secret and a source of intense pleasure. I was home schooled all during this time and only occasionally spent any time with other kids so there was never an opportunity to discuss masturbation or sex with anyone else. I sensed however that it was something everyone else did and often wondered how other guys did it and if they were as big as I was or if they could shoot as big a load of cum. Sometimes when I was masturbating, I would think about some other kid I knew and wonder if they did it and even dream that we were doing it together. The next chapter will deal with expanding my sex life and especially, how I got back together with my 'teacher' cousin.



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