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My Erotic Aunt (Who Knew)

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This happened six weeks ago


When my aunt and uncle split up, my aunt Becky (by marriage) of around 20 years or so, ended up staying at the house and my uncle moved away, but with her kids grown and no one around to help out every once in a while. I recieved a phone call one evening after dinner, Aunt Becky asked me if I had the time to come out and show her how to start her mower and I said sure, I can come out on Saturday morning sometime if thats ok. She said that would be fine and I hung up the phone and didn't think anymore about it

Well the following day which was Friday, it started raining at work so we were let go for the day so I decided I would just run by and see if Aunt Becky was home and go ahead and show her how to operate her mower. As I was pulling in to her place the front drive gate was closed so I opened it and pulled in and shut it back. I drove down the long drive until I saw her car parked in the middle of the road, I thought this is odd. So I got out and walked the rest of the way around 300yds or so as I was cutting through the yard (as a short cut).

I saw her laying out behind the house in the sun with a small towel over her face. As I was getting closer I discovered that she was totally nude, so I just stood there behind the hedges wondering what to do next, I was thinking she can't see me and she can't hear me with the radio on, should I leave or wait until she gets up and goes inside then knock, but at the same time I was hard as a rock just looking at her from a distance. I wanted to see more so I walked toward her until I got to the corner of the house which was about 15 foot and I stood there and with awwwww, my mouth was watering and my heart was racing while I was looking at the most perfect set of tits I have ever seen and her perfectly trimmed pussy was oiled and shining.

My cock was so hard by now it felt like it was going to rip apart, I would have never imagined in a million years that my Aunt Becky would ever do anything like this, she seemed so proper, she seemed so perfect as all of this was running through my mind she turned over never removing the towel off her face as she turned over with her face down she placed the towel on her neck but what she did next was the best thing I could ever hope for, for some reason she poked her butt in the air and with her right hand she rubbed oil from her back into her backside, this was driving me crazy but I didn't want to cross that boundary. Yes I wanted to jack it so bad but wasn't sure if I should or what kind of reaction she would have if she was to catch me. When all of a sudden she reached out and turned down the radio and said 'how long do I have to be in this position before you explode!'

I didn't know what to say but how nice she looks, and she turned back over and said I thought you weren't coming until Saturday and I told her we got sent home early due to the weather (I work 1 hour away) and then she laughed and said she felt quite embarrassed at first but what the hell, and I asked her how she knew I was there and she said when the gate opens the electric bells go off and that's why she parked down the drive to keep visitors out while she lays out. But she said she saw me walking this way and just layed back down, then I told her that I was sorry and should have called first. She said that it was ok that she has been waiting on this day for years and I asked her are you serious, she said yes that she has always wanted to see my cock that she heard from a co-worker that I had a huge dick, then popped the question,(let me see it please)

I did not hesitate one second, as I pulled my shorts down my long cock was just dying to get out when all of a sudden it popped straight out. She just stared at it for a few seconds as I told her well I guess we're even. She sat up in her chair and said oh my god!! that is the biggest dick I have ever seen ever!!!!!! (actually it's around eight inches but looks much bigger for some reason) but I'm happy. When out of the blue as she was staring me down she says lets go inside, I said ok and started to pull my shorts back up and she grabbed my arm and said no, take them off completely, in fact take off everything and take a shower with me. So we went inside and as the water was getting warm I asked her if this is what she really wanted and she said that she has wanted me ever since she married my uncle.

As we got into the shower we brushed against one another and I could feel the excitement. She grabbed the soap and rubbed it all over herself and then lathered her hands and reached for my cock, I was thinking omg I can't believe this is happening as she started stroking me I was already ready to cum and I told her that I was so excited that I was going to cum now.

After I came she rinsed off and we stepped out of the shower and I told her that I was sorry for cumming so fast and she said I wanted you to because now your ready for what I want, so we dried off and went to the living room and I sat on the couch and as she returned from closing the blinds she sat directly on top of me, just to where my cock was between us and started rubbing the head of my cock with her pussy soaked fingers until I was hard again and omg the same explosive feeling fell over me again as I almost instantly shot another load of cum all over us. As she was using my cum to masterbate her pussy and licking her fingers I felt her legs tighten up and her breathing deepen and she squirted cum juice all over my cock and legs and all over the couch as she collapsed on top of me she turned to my left ear and said now I want you inside me, you can only imagine what happens next, and since then I have been over at her place every single day (helping out)



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