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My English Teacher

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I had just finished my senior college and was home for the summer. There was a band that was playing at a club near my house and I was planning to hear them with a close girlfriend. Unfortunately, she called earlier and said there was a problem at home and she couldn't make it to the club. It was Friday night and I decided to go by myself.

Shortly after I got there in walks my senior year English teacher Ms. Brown (not real name). She sees me sitting by myself at a small table and comes over and says, 'Hi, are you by yourself?' I told her I was and she asked if she could sit with me. I told her sure. I was just real glad to have company and not have to sit alone the whole time. Besides, Ms. Brown was the coolest, hottest teacher at my school back then and probably still was. She asked how I was doing in school and told me she was still teaching at the high school. We were getting on quite well and then the band began.

After the first set we both agreed that the band actually was a bit stinky and Ms. Brown whom I was now calling Paula suggested another spot. I followed her in my car and we arrived at a place I had never been to before. That was nothing new because I had just turned twenty one and could just now drink. There was a nice crowd inside of varying ages and many were dancing. It seemed like a cool place. We ordered a drink and continued our conversation.

Shortly afterwards Paula asked if I liked to dance and I told her I did. She then said, 'let's dance.' She was a good dancer and I was having a real nice evening. A bit later we danced to a slow song. Paula held me close and I could feel her pressing her body gently against mine. She squeezed my hand and I squeezed back. I loved her scent and her hair smelled so fresh and clean. I was really enjoying this. We danced the next slow dance and she pressed harder into me. I could feel her rather large tits pushing at my chest. Then, I felt her hand leave my waist and rest on my rear.

Chills went through me and I was getting somewhat aroused. The song ended and we went back to our table. Paula took my hand and moved it under our table and held it. My excitement was clearly building and I knew that my heart rate was rising. Another slow song and this time she turned her head to face me and she kissed me on my mouth for several seconds. She then asked me if I would like to leave. I never hesitated, I said, 'yes.' I followed her to her apartment and went inside.

Inside we never even sat down for a minute. She took me by the hand and led me straight to her bedroom. What came next was wonderful. Paula slowly began undressing me. Every once in a while she would kiss me and our tongues would explore each other. She had my top and bra off and gently sucked first one nipple then the other. I was at this point already getting quite wet. She then told me to undress her which I did. Her tits were big with equally large nipples. I immediately bent forward and started to suck one. I tweaked it with my tongue and sucked on it hard.

Paula stopped me now and said 'lets take off our jeans.' On the bed she began lightly stroking the insides of my thighs with her nails. It sent shivers through me. She also began kissing the insides of my legs while slowly tugging at my panties. Once off she whispered in my ear that she was going to finger fuck me and play with my clit until I pleaded with her to let me cum. She said she was going to rub and squeeze my clit until it turned blue. She then began doing these things to me. I should probably tell you now that to this point I had never had sex with either a male or a female but plenty of make-out sessions where I let the boy feel me up outside my top. Once last year I thought I was in love and I laid in bed with a guy naked. It got to the point where he wanted sex and I stopped him. That was the end of that relationship.

Paula took me by the hand and said to feel how wet I was. She put my hand down to my puss. I was real wet. Paula was also very gentle in touching me and finally the physical sensations in my body built to a peak and I had an orgasm that was much more powerful than the ones that I had when I masturbated myself. I thought I would cry when she rubbed my clit and then would stop and then rub and then stop, over and over. I really did plead with her to let me cum.

I then pleasured Paula as she did to me. I couldn't get enough of her body and she had a fabulous body. She also had a hairless pussy which looked so much nicer and neater that my hairy puss. I shaved it all off the following morning and I stood in the bathroom admiring my new 'look' in the mirror. It looked so smooth. Paula told me I was an excellent lover. She is probably just saying that.

My story now ends with me telling you that Paula and I continued to meet at her apartment every Friday throughout the months of July and August. We agreed to get together the very first time I came home from school on a break. I am still totally interested in guys but I have no objections to making love to a woman that I enjoy. On our last Friday I cried knowing that I wouldn't be with her for quite a while.



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