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My Employee Jacked Me Off

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Several years ago I was employed for a while with a large City in the Southwestern United States. When I started work there I was at the bottom of the ladder but soon rose through the ranks to a management position. I was director of a division within a City Department. I had approximately 45 people under my supervision. And I might add, this was before anyone had ever heard about sexual harrasment, although I did not harrass anyone.

I had been friends with all the people in the division before my promotion because we were all on the same level. Once promoted, I tried to reamin as professional as possible and still be a friend to them. One day one of the men who worked under my supervison came to me and told me about one of the new women I had hired. He said, 'Man she has the hots for you so bad she doesn't know what to do. She really wants you in the worst way. You really should put a move on her because she is willing to do anything you want to do.' I had already pretty well figured this out, but I told the man I was happily married and did not want to fool around on my wife. Even though the woman was married, she was looking to fool around.

One day I asked her to work late and she agreed. I had some things for her to type and once she finished I told her she was free to go. She said she really wanted to make me happy and she could stay longer if I needed her too. She then asked if there was anything else she could do for me. She said, 'You are my boss and I really want to make my boss happy in every way.' It was then that she walked around behind me and started massaging my shoulders and back. She asked me if that felt good. I told her it did and she said, 'I can make you feel even better if you will let me. I'll bet I can make you feel better than your wife can make you feel.' I told her that she was welcome to try.

She knelt down between my legs and unzipped my pants and pulled my soft dick out. It did not take long for it to get hard. She started kissing me and stroking my dick. Soon it was throbbing and leaking precum. She then suggested that I get on the sofa in my office. As I lay down she stripped totally naked and lay down on top of me. We kissed for a while and then she turned around so she could get her hands on my dick again. Her wet pussy was within reach so I fingered her pussy and massaged her clit while she jacked me off. I shot my cum all over her naked body.

From that day forward she would masturbate me almost every day. Some days, during work hours, she would knock on my door and asked if she could talk with me. I would tell her she could come in and she would come in my office and lock the door behind her. She would sit in a chair facing me and begin to ease her skirt up. This woman never wore panties. She would tease her pussy with her fingers and then throw her legs over the arms of the chair, spreading her pussy lips apart, and start fingering her pussy while rubbing her clit. Neither of us would say a word. She would continue playing with her pussy until she had an orgasm. After she came she would wipe the excess juice from her pussy and then say, 'Well, that's all I wanted to talk with you about. Thank you very much.' She would then get up and leave.

By the time she walked out of my office my dick would be so hard it was hurting. I didn't have to worry because I knew before the day was over she would jack me off.

In addition to keeping me satisfied with her naked body and hands, she was an excellent employee. Her typing and filing was outstanding and she was extremely loyal and trustworthy.

This went on for over a year until I left, after being offered another job. I hated to leave her behind but I figured it was best in the long run since I was happily married and did not want anything to happen to my marriage. But we had some great times together and I will always remember what a dedicated employee she was.



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