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My Elbow Started It All

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It all started with an accidental bump by my elbow. It ended with a mess.


I was out with my boyfriend in his car. His name was Gary and he was 17 at the time. We got to my house and we started making out like we always did. I then twisted in the seat so I could kind of lay on the front seat while facing Gary kissing. When I did this, my elbow moved across his lap area and I felt it hit something in Gary's slacks. When I hit it, I immediately knew what it was. I froze and looked at Gary. I said 'Was that what I think it was'? Gary said 'Depends on what you think it was' while smiling. I said 'Can I do it again to make sure'? Gary said 'If you want to'.

I moved my arm again and again felt the hardness in Gary's slacks. All the while I was looking straight into his eyes. I then left my elbow on it and slowly lowered my arm running my forearm along on it. I then had my hand there. I touched it and when I did Gary let out a 'Ouuu' sound. I said 'Gosh, it's so big'. Gary then said 'Yea, thanks to you'. I looked down at the 'pole' in his slacks and again said 'It's so big'. Then Gary ask 'Do you want to see it'? I said 'Yea'. Gary reached down and pulled down his zipper. He reached in his pants and moved his hips around a little and then looked at me and said 'Are you ready'? I said 'OK'. He then pulled it out. My mouth fell open when I first saw it. Gary was looking at me looking down at it and he said 'Want to touch it'? I slowly reached over and put my hand on it. It felt so hard. When I touched it, Gary again made a 'Ouuuu' sound and said 'your hand feels good on it'.

Then, Gary ask 'You've heard about hand jobs before, I know'. I said 'Yes. Do you want me to give you one? I will if you'll show me how to do it'. Gary said 'Sure'. He took my hand and wrapped it around his dick and showed me how to do the up and down motion and how hard to hold it. He then took his hand away and just let me do it. I was looking down at his dick as I was doing this when all of a sudden, Gary let out a low grunt and this stuff flew out of his dick and hit me on my chin! I pulled my head back and he kept shooting this stuff. I ended up with a long stream of it across my blouse and Gary had some on his shirt and slacks. I wasn't expecting this. I didn't know it would come out with such force.

Gary saw me and said he was sorry. I had some tissue paper in my pocket and I used it to wipe my chin off and all I could off my blouse. I was then afraid someone would see me when I went in. I know my parents would know what it was as much of this stuff that they had seen during there lives. When I went in, I lucked out. They were already in bed and from the sounds coming out of there bed room they too were doing something just like Gary and I had been doing. I heard my dad make some of the same sounds that Gary had just made. I quickly took off my blouse and soaked it.

From then on, Gary and I would always go prepared on out dates and I knew what to expect when I gave him a hand job. Gary also got to getting me off too. I learned a lot about boys from Gary that I've put to use ever since.



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