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My Ecstasy

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A story from the last masturbation session I had.


I lie down on my living room couch. This moment right now belongs completely to me. This is the time I have to worship the pleasure I receive from stroking my cock. My cock is 7 inches long, circumcised. The ridge of my head is the most sensitive spot, and I love to milk the cum out from my urethra after I am done, but I am not there yet. I slide my gym shorts down and from the sheer excitement of knowing what I am about to engage in, my cock has already grown to about five and a half inches. It's twitching as I can feel my heart rate bump whenever I see it twitch.

I take a handful of lubricant and I begin to spread it all around my head. Right now, it's all about getting in the right mood. I take my hand in a fist and I begin to do circles around the head of my cock, the most sensitive of all areas. I want my head to be nice and juicy when I go to shoot my giant load of cum. I can feel my balls moving up and down as I am giving myself all the pleasure I can manage.

Now that my head is nice and lubed up, I can proceed down my shaft. When I stroke, I enjoy stroking the entire length of my cock, not just a portion of it. I'm feeling quite kinky today, so I apply a little more lube and allow it to drip down my balls, past my balls, and onto my anus. With my right hand I begin to stroke slowly, and with my left index and middle fingers, I do circles on my anus, knowing that penetration is soon to come. My entire pubic area is filling with pleasure as I slowly begin to buck my hips. This is my time to shine, literally, as my cock gives off the warm, lubricated glow in it's fullness. My head is massive and my anus is tingling as begin to penetrate it's tightness, just one finger for now.

I am stroking and stroking, I can feel precum just oozing out of my cock, revitalizing the lubricant I have so graciously placed upon it. I am completely inside of my anus with both of my fingers, feeling this uninhibited greatness of the naughty and kinky pleasure I am partaking in. With every stroke, I can feel the cum simply building up at the base of my cock as my balls are still gyrating within my scrotum. I finger my anus harder with every building moment of pleasure.

Now is the time I have been awaiting all day long. My right hand begins to pump harder and harder as I can begin to feel the lift of my balls. The harder I pump, the more my eyes begin to roll into the back of my head. I can know no pleasure such as this aside from the act I commit with my sinful hands at this very moment. Pumping my cock up and down my shaft, across the sensitive ridge of my head I begin to see more precum just squirt out this time, now I have begun to cum. I stick my two fingers as far into my anus as possible as a begin to feel it contract with every oncoming jet of cum. The first rope is let loose from my cock and it hits me on my neck. Before I can even begin to feel it's warmth, the second, and biggest rope of cum I'm ever let loose flies into the air and hits me on my lower lip and dribble onto my chin. My anus is twitching as I lick it off, but I am still letting cum fly out as the rest lands eventually on my chest and stomach.

I slip my fingers from my anus and feel the restfulness of my climax as I massage my balls with my left and milk the rest of my cum from my cock with my right hand. The cum is no longer shooting out of my cock, but is dribbling, still lubing up my cock even more than the moment before. This is my ecstasy, and I've shared it with you.



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