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My Early Years

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What a wonderful site, with such open and honest discussions! Peace, love and sweetness to everyone!


I began masturbating when I was around 5 or 6. I learned very early that by rubbing my clit I could cause a very sweet feeling in it, and if I rubbed long enough it would rise and rise until my whole crotch was filled with this incredibly sweet, intense, melting sensation that would make me put my legs tight together, close my eyes tight, and say 'ahhhhhh' very loudly. A few times my mother heard me saying 'ahhhhh' and came in and saw me with my hand on my clit and told me to stop, but I just ignored her. I would lay in bed for hours immersed in the sweet feeling in my clit-since I was an only child I had plenty of privacy and time on my hands to masturbate. I didn't think of very much of a sexual nature then, although I had seen pictures of penises a few times, and when I saw them, for some reason I would feel my clit harden-I had no idea why at the time, though.

I started entering puberty around the time that I began middle school. At that time I started reading books about sex and understanding what it was all about. I remember seeing an entry in one of the books about orgasm-it said that it was the moment when the feeling of pleasure in the clitoris, vagina or penis was at it's peak; then I realized that the intense pleasure I'd been feeling all that time at the end of my masturbation session was an orgasm-this made me very curious what it was like for other people to have orgasms as well, and fueled a lot of my fantasies about the kids I saw at school. I would think of guys I knew and imagine what their penises looked like when they were stiff, what they looked like as they masturbated, and what their penises looked like right at the moment that they experienced an orgasm and the semen gushed out. I also started my period and began to be very horny during the day when I was at school, and was constantly turned on by guys I saw and thoughts about sex. When I got home from school I couldn't wait to pull my jeans off and lay on my bed and rub my clit to one orgasm after another.

Around this time the feeling I had during my orgasm changed, around the time my period started. During my orgasm I started feeling strong, intensely pleasurable contractions in rhythm in my vagina and deep in my belly that made me groan in rhythm as each one hit me. I imagined that this was analagous to a guy around my age beginning to ejaculate when he had an orgasm, and those contractions in my belly were designed to suck in his semen-this provided a lot of fuel for my sexual and romantic fantasies, imagining a guy's hard penis buried in me and filling me full of semen, and that my intensely pleasurable contractions in my vagina milked his penis and sucked his semen deep in my belly as I held him tight.

I was fascinated the first time I went to gym class and saw all the girls naked ready to shower. Some girls had just a small amount of pubic hair, like me, some had none, and some had a complete growth of pubic hair, especially the darker skinned girls, particularly the Hispanic ones. I got very horny every time I went to the showers, seeing how the various girls were in different stages of development of their breasts, and how some girls had well-developed butts and some were still very flat there. I wondered if each girl I saw was having the kind of sexual feelings I was, if she masturbated like me, what she looked like right at the moment that she was having an orgasm, when she felt all that intense pleasure in her crotch. I also wondered if a girl with still growing breasts like mine felt that sweet feeling in her nipples as they got hard, and if they pulled and kneaded at them when they masturbated. I've never been lez or bi, but it's always excited me to think of another woman having sexual pleasure or actually see her having it. I'd lay in bed at night and think of the various girls I'd seen and masturbate thinking about them laying in their beds and masturbating like me. I'd imagine one girl right at the moment of orgasm, with her legs tight together and her mouth open saying 'ahhhhh'-I would imagine how strong the pleasure was in her crotch right at that moment and that would put me over the edge and make my own climax begin.

When I was 12 or 13 a friend of mine began to spend the night sometimes at my house, and we started talking about sex. She said she had been masturbating for a long time like me, and we talked about what our orgasms felt like, how the sweet feeling went up so high until we couldn't take the sweetness anymore, and it made us moan and shut out eyes. We slept in my big bed, and we finally started taking off our clothes and comparing our bodies-she had a beautiful triangle of dark pubic hair that made me horny the instant I glanced at it-my hair was just beginning to grow there, and was light brownish-blonde, the same color as on my head. To see her large pubic patch made her look like a woman to me, even though her boobs were still quite flat as mine were.

After we examined each other's bodies, we began to lay back and relax and rub our clits-I was so turned on watching her rubbing the top part of her crotch area back and forth in rhythm with her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face-I kept my eyes open to watch her as I rubbed my hard clitoral shaft back and forth. Her nipples became rock hard and just after they did she said, 'it's going up' 'it's getting stronger' 'it's going up....''I can't take it!'and then her legs stiffened up and went tight together, and as she got this incredibly painful look on her face she let out this extremely long 'uhhhhhhhhhhhh'-that was too much for me to take and I rubbed my clit real fast to induce my orgasm and began to groan with my contractions as I turned over on my side and went through the little convulsions I had when I had a strong climax. We feel asleep in each others arms, pretty much exhausted....

We began to masturbate regularly together until she moved about a year later. I still think back sometimes to when we did that as fuel for some of my fantasies even today, thinking of what she looked like just as she was having an orgasm, how sexy it all was.



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