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My Early Recollections

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Sexuality is such a wondrous feeling. I appreciate the brave and open stories, especially the pleasant memories of childhood sexuality, without all the false bravado and obvious embellishments. Just tell your truth.


My earliest memory of feeling my penis sitmulated was around the age of 3. My family and I were picnicking and swimming at a lake. After swimming my older sister was helping me put on some dry clothes and my mom forgot to bring any underwear for me. When my sister pulled my shorts up they rubbed up against my penis and it felt really good. I can still picture it clearly.

I was always a curious kid and found a few 'men's magazines' in the top of my dad's closet. It was pretty tame stuff by today's standards: mostly women in swimsuits and high heels, maybe showing a bare butt or a breast. I looked at them as often as I could.

When I was 12 I remember finding a nudist magazine my uncle had at my grandpa's house and the center picture was a color 2-pager of a beautiful woman with the first pussy I had ever seen. I thought I was going to let loose something in my pants so I went upstairs to a spare bedroom, took off my pants and lay back on the bed. The feeling in my penis was so strong I was afraid of what would happen: I had no idea. When I finally let it go I came and came and watch the semen pump out of me. I was amazed. When I started masturbating regularly I couldn't get enough of it. Sometimes I wanted to come several times a day and found myself imagining eating my girlfriend's pussy and later feeling guilty about it. Little did I know then that she would have let me, at 13 no less.

I was a daily masturbator in my teens and then at 17 met a girl 15 who was much more experienced than me. She was so hot and wanted to fuck but I was scared of 2 things: STDs and pregnancy. She had first had sex when she was 12 and loved to suck me off. Then one day she simply said 'it's time we had sex together.' I wanted so much to please her and held back coming as long as I could. I remember so well she had all these little orgasms and we started counting them. She counted 16 orgasms in 24 minutes before I came. It was amazing. Unfortunately she did give me an STD and she did get pregnant.

To all the young people out there, enjoy your bodies and know that your feelings and fantasies are normal. Just don't force yourself on another person or allow another to force themselves on you. Sexuality is a gift from our creator to be felt and shared. People's ignorance and selfishness twist sex and make it something less sacred and wonderful than it is. If you are enjoying sexual play with another person and are not hurting each other that is ok. If you are being forced to do something and someone is threatening to hurt you in some way, be strong and try to find some way to tell a trustworthy person and stop the hurting. You are not wrong or 'dirty' if you find some pleasure in your feelings while you are the subject of abuse. Do what you can to stop the abuse and let yourself enjoy your sexuality by yourself or with someone who cares for you and respects you.



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