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My Early Experience With Dan

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My first experiences with Dan made me just want more


Dan and I had known each other since early elementary school. He lived down the street and we occasionally played together. When we became teens, we sort of went our own ways. He was in with the jock crowd, and I was a quiet, only child, with protective parents.

The summer of my fifteenth year, my folks hired Dan to do our lawn. I remember the awkward small talk we made together that first time he came over to mow. I was in the back yard doing something, I can't remember, and he came in with his push mower. Dan was so cute, he reminded me of a young actor, dark haired and tanned. He was wearing shorts and tee-shirt, and it clung to his sweaty chest.

As the summer progressed, I was surprised to find out how shy he was. Dan was polite and we developed a friendship and would talk sometimes after he finished mowing. I will never forget the first time he came over and took off his shirt while he was mowing. I stared out of every window in the house trying to keep his beautiful body in sight. I was too embarrassed to go out and talk to him that day. Dan's chest was well defined, like his chiselled face.

Towards the end of the summer, I mustered up the courage (some how) and asked him to come to my birthday party the next day. The party was mostly my girl friends and younger cousins. Dan and I talked in the backyard swing for a while and he then asked me out on a date. My parents said, 'no' and instead invited him over for dinner.

Our relationship continued into the fall. I could never be alone with Dan. We had kissed and held hands, but he wanted more. Dan started pressuring me about sex. On Thanksgiving Day, Dan came over in the evening, and we sat outside, covered by a blanket. It was getting dark and my parents were inside talking with relatives. Dan started pressuring me again. He mentioned 'hand jobs' and I didn't exactly know what he meant. He offered to show me. With the blanket over us, he began unbuttoning my jeans; I resisted, then finally gave in. He started rubbing my clit in a clumsy way. It initially felt good, then he quickly led my hand to his crotch.

He stopped rubbing me and unzipped his jeans and led my hand to his erection. I almost jumped back. I knew guys had penises, but I was shocked how it felt. I felt an almost satin shaft. He led my hand to rub it up and down. I started on my own and within ten seconds, I felt a sticky and hot liquid on me. Dan's head went back and I stopped rubbing, but kept my hand tightly around his shaft.

I wanted to look and see what it looked like, but my parents might catch us. I wiped my hand on the blanket and we zipped up. I was unsatisfied, but Dan was happy.

The next few days, Dan kept begging for more. The next weekend, we were in the garage playing ping pong, and my parents came and said they were going down the street for a few minutes. This was the first time they had ever left me alone. As soon as they were out of the driveway, Dan took my hand and almost ran into my bedroom. He said, 'Let's hurry, we've got time for 'you know what.''

We fell on my bed, I was scared to death and excited at the same time. Dan took off his shirt before I could protest and had me do the same. I kept on my bra. Dan had a great body, a little trail of hair at his belly button and loose fitting jeans showing the band of his underwear. We kissed, and I said, 'hurry, we don't have much time.' Dan immediately unzipped his jeans and stood there with an erection straining. My mouth dropped open. I was going to see his dick, maybe. I was too embarrassed to disrobe anymore. I didn't want him to see me naked, although I wanted to see him. I asked him what to do next. Without any hesitation, down came the underwear. I saw my first penis. Looking back, it was probably five inches, but it looked like a massive thing to me at the time. He was hairy and had low hanging balls. I hadn't even realized the balls hung that way. We sat down and I began kissing and he led my hand over to his penis. That was as far as we got. I heard my parents in the yard, I almost died. We raced to put on clothes and get back to the garage. We were nearly caught.

I think Dan got tired of my protective parents. I jerked him off for the second and last time a few days later. We were in our back yard at dusk and we hid behind a bush and he dropped his jeans and I gave him a quick jerk. Again, he came in about ten seconds. I thought all guys came that quick, I found out different with my first sexual partner while I was in college.

Dan had lot's of girlfriends in high school. One of my girlfriends dated him the following year. They had sex, because she talked about it. I was too embarrassed to tell her I had jerked him off.

Dan is still a handsome fellow, now married and in his late twenties, we see each other in passing in the neighborhood. He is still dark and muscled. I have often fantasized about seeing his dick again. I could certainly do a better job now!



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