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My Early Days of Masturbation

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I grew up in an old wood frame house in a rural area in the 1940's. Of course there was no such thing as air conditioning so we kept all the windows and doors open in the summer to stay cool. I remember hearing my mom and dad fucking. At the time I didn't know what they were doing exactly but I knew that it excited me. It made my little dick hard but I had no idea what masturbation was. I knew if I put my hand on my dick that it felt good but that was it. I would listen to my mom and dad and after the moaning and groaning stopped so did the squeeking of the bed springs. The one thing that stuck in my mind was that as soon as it was over my mom would then always get out of bed and pee. People my age who lived in rural areas will know what that every family kept a pot in the house to relieve themselves during the night. I guess that is why I today associated peeing with sex.

Pretty soon I learned from a male cousin how to masturbate. I would play with my dick as I listened to my mom and dad fucking and when I would hear them moaning I would jerk really fast and cum. I was sleeping in the same room with my older sister so I had to turn my back to her to keep her from seeing me. There were nights when she looked like she was asleep so I would actually jack off facing her. I don't know if she was sleeping or peeping while pretending to be asleep.

Shortly after I learned to masturbate we had an indoor bathroom built. One day I peeped at my mom in the bathroom just to see what she was doing. Did I get an eye full. She was sitting on the commode totally naked with her legs spread and was inserting a tube into her pussy to give herself a douche. The thing that fascinated me most was the amount of hair she had around her pussy. I watched her douche and then wash her pussy off. By the time she finished my dick was hard so I went outside and found a place where I would not be seen and jacked off.

I was hooked. I wanted to see another pussy. The second one I saw was by accident. One morning not too long after seeing my mom I sneaked into my sister's room. When my dad had built the bathroom he added another bedroom on to the house for my sister to sleep in. I sneaked into her room one morning while she was still asleep to get something and she was lying on the bed without any cover on her. She was naked from the waist down and her legs were spread open and I could see her pussy. I was standing not more than four feet from her looking directly at her pussy. Like my mom she had a lot of hair around her pussy.

Again I had to go and jack off after looking at my sister's pussy. I continued to jack off every day and most of the time more than once a day. There was a black family that lived down the road from us and they had a son my age. He and I were great friends. He had a sister one year younger than me. One day I went down to play with my friend and he had gone to town with his dad so I ended up playing with Martha, his sister.

We were in the woods behind their house and she was sitting with her legs crossed in front of me. She noticed me looking under her dress and asked what I was looking at. I told her and she said I will show you mine if you will show me yours. She said she had see her brother but had never seen a while one. She pulled her dress up and she had on a pair or white cotton panties. She pulled them off. I dropped my shorts and underwear. Martha was just starting to grow hair around her pussy as was I around my dick. Of course my dick got hard immediately. I asked her if girls jacked off and she didn't know what I was talking about. I asked her if she ever played with her pussy and she said it felt good when she touched herself.

I jacked off for Martha and she rubbed her pussy. She wanted to play with my dick so I let her. It got hard again and she jacked me off a second time. I asked her if I could play with her pussy and she said yes. I got down between her legs with my face no more than six inches from her pussy. I pulled her lips apart. I could see the opening to her vagina which we called a pussy hole at the time. I told her about seeing my mom taking a douche and Martha wanted to know where she stick the tube. I showed her by sticking my finger inside her vagina. I didn't realize at the time what a virgin was but her pussy was so small that there was just enough room to get my finger in her. I noticed this little bump near the top of her pussy lips and I touched it and asked her what that was. Her entire body jerked and she said, 'I don't know what it is but touch it again because it feels so good.' Martha and I discovered how to masturbate a female that day. I started rubbing her little bump and pretty soon her body started jarking and she started moaning like my mom did at night. I knew I had found something special. After Martha stopped moaning and jerking her little pussy got real wet with juice.

After that day I wanted to play with Martha rather than her brother but he was after all my friend. I still played with my friend but me and Martha would get together as often as possible and play with each other.

A few years later I had intercourse for the first time. I have been married to the same woman for 50 years and although sexual intercourse has played a big part in our lives, we both enjoy masturbation. My wife swears she never masturbated until I showed her how while we were dating. Today that is nothing I enjoy more that lying on the bed between my wife's legs watching her play with her pussy until she has an orgasm. I am playing with myself while she masturbates and when she cums that always pushes me over the edge. Boys and girls, enjoy masturbation. There is nothing like it.



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