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My Dumb & Nice Friend

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my dumb and nice friend
I was about 17 years old when i got closer to a friend of mine (lior) i knew for 5 years. we started talking more often lately and sometimes even about sex. he told me that when he was 13 he had the longest dick in his school and i wanted proof. so he laughed a bit and didnt understand that i really wanted to see his dick, cos he was a little bit screwy.
one day i just sunbathed nude in my balcony and thought about him and what he said. a few weeks before i went on a 2 day trip with my class and before we went to sleep a very sex crazed friend of mine (yair) asked if i new how to masturbate. i of course had to protect my name as an intelectual person so i said i wasnt masturbating and i didnt feel the need because im not a pervert (which i think is the complete opposite).
after a few more annoying questions that he asked i got pissed and yelled: "why, do you want to teach me how to???". back to the balcony part. i was laying there, pondering and suddently connecting both of the stories. when i thought about the idea my dick got hard and immidiately i started to pre-cum (im a very fast erecter and cummer). then i couldnt wait any longer and called lior (the first one) and called him over. after ten minutes he came over and he asked what i wanted, so i told him i wanted him to pose as a model for me (he knew i was an artist) i told him that i needed only the shape of the body, so he didnt need to get nude, only to be in shorts. he took his clothes off and standed there with his tight underwear, almost a tanga, with a nice bulge showing out. i started to draw and when i got to "that" area my dick started to harden. luckily he didnt notice but i took the advantage and asked him:"say, lior, you know how to masturbare, right?"
-"of course" he laughed, pretty embarrased. "dont you?" -"nope, could you teach me afterwards?" of course i knew how to, i just was really horny to see his dick he said was so big.
he agreed, i knew he wouldnt tell anyone so they wont laugh at him too. we got into my showerroom and i got undressed. he saw i already had a hard-on and asked whether i had plans on him or something. i answered that i was only excited cos it'd be my first time and i was full of anticipation.he took his underwear off and then i finally saw his fat 7 inch cock (not erected). he asked me if i had some lube. i took some liquid sope that was on the sink and gave him some. he started smearing his dick with it and after 20 seconds his dick erected. i just stood there and stared.
"all you have to do is stroke the shaft up and down" he said, while masturbating. i did the same, feeling that i would cum just if i touched the head, so i avoided too much movement and tried only to look at him. after a minute or two i saw he was beginning to enjoy himself. he started moaning and leaned back a bit and closed his eyes, tilting his head backwards. then i knew i could stop cos he wasnt looking and i just stood there and stared at his huge cock.
afterwards we measured his cock erected and measured 9 inches. . suddenly he started to moan louder and slowed down, almost to a complete stop. i understood that he only wanted it to last a bit longer so he stopped for a minute and looked at me "so, did you understand?"
-"yep, thanks a lot. are you going to cum now or should i do it first?" i tried to sound as unexperienced as i could so i wouldnt blow my cover. he said he wanted to cool down a sec and that he wanted to look how i was doing it. i did it most stupidly and he jiggled. he told me how i was supposed to do it and showed me. on me!
he stood behind me and grabbed my shivering dick and started pumping it. i tried to hold it as long as i could and then told him i feel really weird and then great. he said that it was because im entering the orgasm thing. he stopped and told me to end it but i told him that i preffered him to do it. he stood infront of me and grabbed both of our dicks with both hands. then started pumping both. i decided it was time and moand a bit, telling him i thought i was about to cum. he said he had a few more seconds and stopped pumping me. i waited for him to continue and saw him shutting his eyes again, entering the orgasm. he started breathing heavily and moaning and then grabbed my dick firmly and continued to pump me. a few seconds later we both came on each other. and i shivered so much i almost fell down. then he asked if he could use the shower and i told him that i needed it too and we only had one so we bathed together. all the time i looked at his dick amazed by its size, which was much bigger than mine cos im a bit fat, making my dick much smaller, sorrounded by fat. all the bath i had an erection and he sometimes accidentally bumped into me but then bumped into my dick. then he turned around, looking at my dick. "cant shake it off, eh?"
i just smiled and said "well, you arent so relaxed yourself" while i shook his dick, which i "thought" was still erected but it was only leaning on his huge balls. he said he didnt have an erection and i said "yeah right, then why is he standing?" he looked at his dick and bent it aside. "see? if he was erected i couldnt do that!" when he did it i almost cummed again, and luckily the water blended with the pre-cum so he didnt notice it.after the shower we dried off naked in the balcony and i still had a hard-on so i told him i wanted to try this masturbation thing again. he told me to go on and stretched backwards. i started masturbating and in a few seconds i came all over the balcony floor. he said i was very quick.
then he got dressed again and went back home after i thanked him. since then, every time i see on the internet a shower picture gallery or movies i dont hesitate and pull my dick out and masturbate, remembering him.we never mentioned that day again and i think he already forgot it.
ill never forget it, though!



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