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My Dreams

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This is about my friend Walter and me. A year ago we were 11 we did not know anything much about sex. He started to have sex dreams and tried to tell me about them but I couldn't understand too well what it was like because you really have to have it to understand but I knew I wanted it. I made him tell me about it every time it happened which was a lot, but neither of us knew how you could do it yourself while awake. Well we knew you could but didn't know how and never did it.

Then one night it happened and I woke up shocked because I had a great dream about a teacher of mine and it was a weird dream but I woke up feeling real good and a puddle of ooze was coming out of my penis. So I knew what it was because of all the times Walter told me about it. I used to make him tell me what the dreams were, and at first he was too embarrassed because they were things like sometimes it was a girl in school and sometimes even he told me it was his own sister and once he said it was about my mother which bothered me.

I told him the day I had my first dream and he wanted to know who I dreamed about and I was ashamed because it was our history teacher who is a guy. I thought about lying but he had been so honest about his sister and all that I told him after a while and he could see I was ashamed. Well he came over right next to me and got all quiet and said, and his voice was all shaky and told me that sometimes it was me in his dream and he was too ashamed to say that and didn't want to scare me. He said quick that he wasn't 'in love with me' or not gay, but it just happened sometimes.

I didn't know what to think and I was scared because I knew I liked to look at him a lot and always tried to get a look at him naked in the shower at school, and sometimes thought about that during the day. I said that was ok that he dreamed about me, and we should keep being honest to each other. We never did more but since then I have had dreams about him too, I dreamed I grabbed him in the shower and started to kiss him, and right then I oozed again and woke up, and I have not told him that but I want to because I think once we have both said that we will want to do stuff together awake and I am still to scared to. Also I have learned how to do it when I am awake and I want to tell him that too. I hope I can get myself to tell him. I have started to sometimes but I get all shaky and sweaty and that would be too weird.



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