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My Doctor Experience

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I have a masturbation story for every day of the year since I was 14 but this is one of the most memorable.


It all started on my second visit to my new doctor. It was my second physical and while I was waiting in the exam room. Not that I hadn't noticed before but now I was curious to look out the window. One one side of the room were full drapes. I assumed they were closing off the room to the full windows as the building was all glass.

I didn't have a magazine so after the nurse left me to strip after taking my temp and blood pressure I was bored. I pulled the drapes aside and found them somehow tied shut. I was able to unhook one bottom corner and then slide in between them and the wall. What I saw gave me endless memories for later jack off sessions.

The drapes were hiding a small window about shoulder high. It wasn't to the outside like I thought, it was to the room next door. On the other side of the glass were louvered blinds but you still see through them. I watched a completely naked nurse put on scrubs, she was blonde, beautiful and stacked.

I heard the door open and in walked the doctor, she was calling me by my last name waiting to come in thru the curtains that hid the door. I had just time to jump out from behind the drapes as she walked in. I don't think she saw me behind them but what she did see was my very rigid penis before I could sit on the exam table and put the robe over me. If she suspected anything she didn't let on. I did notice that she didn't take her eyes off my cock until I got it out of sight.

She was an older lady, thin and exotic looking. Like a mix of Mexican and Asian. Hard to tell as she had an anglo name from her husband whom I'd met before. Maybe even some East Indian in her. Just exotic.

Her face didn't help me to try to let my dick deflate, and the more I tried not to ogle her the more I did.

Soon it was time to uncover my erection, she took it in her stride and even firmly gripped it in one hand. Asked if anything hurt while she did it. Told her no and she sat down got up close and personal with it. She said 'Healthy, looks very healthy.' Went on to say that she liked to see a good erection, I told her I was very healthy. The firmer I could get it the healthier I was. She asked me to clamp my buttocks and watched how it made my cock twitch. She then slowly and deliberately, gently pulled back my foreskin all the way. She then ran a finger along the length of it and then once around the glans and asked if I was unusually sensitive. Said it was good that I I didn't and then proceeded to handle my testicles. Did the hernia thing and then asked to me to turn around so she could check my prostate. That was fine and after she checked my legs and feet said I was ready to dress. She called in a nurse to give me a tetanus shot and that did it, my dick went small. Said to come back in five years, I was that healthy. Makes you feel good to hear that.

After the nurse left I couldn't wait to go back to my window to see what I could see. I was floored, it was my doctor, she was sitting facing the window with her legs open and her dress up around her waist. Her hand was rubbing her clit and with the other she'd poke two fingers in her pussy. I was amazed and harder than ever. What really made it so was the realization that she was masturbating to the memory of what she just did with my cock. I shot a huge load on the wall and floor. To this day it is one of my best recollections to make me hard and shoot with one hand.

I was never able to bring myself to go back to her. I'd fantasize about a scenario I could use to get to see her again but never could actually do it.

It's both a little arousing and scary to think what might happen. Then again it hasn't been five years either. I just may go back for another physical when the time comes.

I forgot to say that while she was examining me her body was getting hot, I could feel her warmth radiating to me. That alone was very sexy. It's happened with a few girlfriends, how their bodies just grow warmer and warmer. Way sexy.



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