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My Dirty Story

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This is a recurring story in my fantasy life. The characters change from time to time but the story remains more or less the same.


There's a girl at work who is very pretty. She has big blue eyes, wispy blonde hair and an innocent look to her. At the same time she looks up to me as someone who has more wisdom, experience and knowing. I have dreamt about her. I have dreamt about fingering her. Until I had that fingering dream, I knew I was attracted to her but not in this way. However I do find myself sneaking glances into her top to see her breasts, and I glance at her ass, her legs, etc. I can't help myself. She is a natural beauty and very open and friendly. However she is also married, freshly, and I know nothing would happen between us because of this. Having said all of this, she is also somewhat hard to read and there's been some mild friction between us but not bad friction just differences of opinion, etc. She is always very complimentary of me, my talents, skills, clothes, the way I dress, do my hair, my make-up etc. I like working with her.

Anyhow, back to why I am writing this. I would like to touch her further. I would like to kiss her and coax her shy tongue out of its hiding hole. I would like to spoon our naked bodies together, to feel her soft skin against mine. I'd like to nuzzle my face between her breasts and slip my hands down her belly. I'd like to squeeze her ass and touch her thighs. I'd like to see what kind of panties she wears. I bet she wears white cotton briefs, maybe with cherries on them, or small flowers and a lacy scalloped edge. I bet she thinks I wear red satin thongs, which I do actually. I would like to watch her cross her legs and see a bush in between her legs. I'd like to pet her bush. I'd like to make her wet and slide my hand across her pussy, dragging my middle finger into her slit. I want her to beg me to finger her. I want to French kiss her while doing this. I want her to finger me while I finger her. I want to groan and cum with her while doing this, thrusting our fingers into each other, our tongues entwined together. I want to cup her entire pussy with the palm of my hand and rub my palm against her clit while dragging my middle fingers into her wet slippery pussy.

What I'd really like is for her to open her legs up to me and tell me to my face that she's been dreaming of me licking her pussy. She'd be playing with herself and the look on her face would be so hungry. I would grind my pussy against hers and I would strap on a dildo and slide it into her hungry and waiting pussy. I would have her tell me over and over how much she's craved my wet shaved pussy whilst thrusting my fake penis into her. I would finger her ass and suck on her tits. She would grunt and press up against me, taking it like the good girl that she is. She would beg me for more and I'd make her say please. I'd take my rubber cock and pull it out of her pussy and shove it in her mouth, thrusting the juices in her mouth. We'd touch for hours and then we'd go to sleep and spoon our naked soft skin together. After we'd wake up, we'd take a shower together and we'd do it all over again in the shower, fingers, tongues, plastic cocks.

I'd like to dress her up in a short skirt and have her come out with me. I'd take her out somewhere where there are lots of men. I'd watch their hungry eyes follow us. I'd surreptitiously slip my hand under her skirt making sure the men could see where my hand was. I'd watch for boners to pop up and sure enough they would. I would begin obviously rubbing and feeling her wet pussy under her skirt, and watch for a cock or more to pop out of the men's pants. I'd love to watch the men jerk off while I finger my lovely girlfriend.

We would leave the premises and men would follow us. We'd go into a park and sit on the swing set. We'd show our pussies to the men. We'd watch the men pull out their cocks and wank right out in broad daylight. We'd spread our legs and give them full view of our wet and slippery pussies. The men would get daring and approach us, cocks in hand. I'd allow the men to come closer and jerk off around us. I'd finger my friend again and the men would come in a frenzied rush. My friend would cum and I'd bend over and allow myself to be probed by a complete stranger. On the outside I am as sweet and innocent as can be but on the inside, I am a dirty girl that can't get enough. The rest of the men would ejaculate all over themselves and start wanking again out of total lust.

I would then take my friend and we'd lie down in the grass, away from the men, and I'd stroke her body and put my hand between her legs and kiss her and tell her I love her. We'd fall asleep and I'd wake up with her hands between my legs and we'd start all over again.



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