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My Dirty Secret III

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Last month I told two stories of how I began masturbating with a group of male college friends and how they always treated me like 'one of the guys.' Our sessions were my only sexual outlet and just as I was beginning to feel comfortable with our after study session circle jerks we all graduated. I moved to a new city and got a job and as before my masculine looks and engineering interests didn't lead to making any new sexual contacts. Except for the occasional session in bed at night with my fingers, I was celibate for a year.

Then it happened. One of my geek engineer student friends from the old college days was in town for a business trip and he called. He was the one who had gotten married so I never imagined that our old sexual chemistry would be re-kindled. But he took me out to dinner one night after work and before we had gotten to dessert we were talking about masturbation. He told me that his wife was preganant and that sex had all but stopped. He also added that his wife thought that masturbating was dirty and would not do it with him. If he tried to masturbate in front of her she scolded him. He admitted that his only current outlet was the occasional session in the bathroom shower where he always thought of me rekindeling fantasy images of our years in college.

After dinner we went to my apartment and drank a bottle of wine. Before I knew what was happening his clothing was off and he was jacking off in front of me. He begged me to join him but I hesitated. 'You're married,' I complained. But then we made the same deal that we had before. No touching each other and somehow I was doing it with him. After more than a year without a partner of any kind I was swept away, and had a powerful orgasm. He edged until I was done and then splashed ribbons of semen on my coffee table, grunting and moaning with each squirt. His display was so sexy that I kept going, taking myself to a second powerful climax. He knelt in front of me watching the actions of my fingers and commenting on the squishing sounds that my vagina made as I pulled at myself.

We both showered and had coffee and I asked him to stay since he had been drinking. He slept on the couch and in the morning I could hear him jacking off again. I pretended not to hear and brought myself to a nice private morning climax in bed in the next room. I think we went off at the same time.

Over breakfast that morning and before we both had to go to work he told me that he had been faithful to his wife except for masturbating, but that he often did it two or more times per day. Then he told me somthing that blew me away. He admitted that sometimes when he went on business trips he would visit adult theaters in the towns where he was working. He said that he would always sit where he could see the men who frequented the back rows and that it was common for the patrons of those places to openly masturbate themselves and each other.

I asked him if he worried about being arrested or getting some kind of a disease. He told me that he was always discreet and that sometimes he didn't even take his penis out. He often just flogged himself through his pants after taking himself out of his undewear so that his penis would be right against the material of his trousers and against his thigh. He said that the excitement of cumming right into his pants and having a wet spot added to the arrousal.

Then he asked if I might ever be interested in going with him to a theater. There was one in the town where I worked. He suggested that I could dress in clothing that would make me look masculine and that no one would know that I was a woman. He said that if I wanted he would take me and we could sit togeather.

As we were both leaving for work that morning I told hin that I would think about it. He was on his way home that afternoon and I didn't think that he would ever actually make me the offer that he had extended. Plus I was really freaked out by the thought of going to one of those places. I kissed him on the cheek and said goodby, and left for work with mixed feelings. It seemd so dirty and wrong. But so sexy.

More later.



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