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My Dirty Little Secret ll

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During my senior year I continued to work with the small group of guys that I had my first mutual masturbation experience with. But now we were all bolder. There were few pretenses. We would work on lab projects a few evenings per week and then almost always engage in masturbation sessions. The geek boys used to joke that we had a regular circle jerk session and that I was just one of the guys. Several times during our masturbation sessions one of the guys would suggest that we touch each other, but I always answered that as soon as they began to touch each other, that I would let them touch me too. For the first semester, that restriction seemed to satisfy all of them. We would study, write lab reports, drink beer and then at the end of the evening we would sit in a circle and masturbate.

I really looked forward to the sessions. Unless I was having my period, I was as anxious for the release as they were. I also found the sights and sounds of their frantic rubbing to be quite arousing. By the end of an evening of working, I could always see the erections growing in their pants, and I would usually begin to ooze fluids, myself. Sometimes I would have a wet spot in my pants and someone would tease me.

I began to feel guilty about what we were doing during the spring term when one of the guys announced that he had gotten engaged. When I asked how his fiancé would feel about his jack off sessions he became quiet and didn't answer.

Two of the other guys approached me in April during our last month of school. They said that they had been considering my offer and that they were prepared to let me see them touching each other if I would let them touch me, as well. I hesitated for a few weeks and then finally agreed.

We met without telling the rest of the group, getting together in my apartment on a weekend when my two roommates had gone home. I told the boys that they had to go first, and then I was shocked to see how quickly they were undressed and playing with each other. When I questioned them they admitted that the two of them had been experimenting with each other for the last two years. They were not only masturbating each other but they had tried oral sex. With no prompting on my part the two of them began masturbating and more. Although I was originally freaked out to think of them having oral sex with each other, when I saw them it was highly arousing.

I took my clothing off, including my bra which had always stayed on in group sessions, and sat on the couch. Within minutes they were on either side of me and four hands were touching me. I tried to masturbate them as they touched me everywhere but they insisted that I help them to pleasure myself instead. They said that they wanted to learn how a girl masturbated.

I eventually had the most powerful orgasm of my life. I was guiding their hands, moving their fingers up and down my vulva and showing them exactly how to touch my clitoris for what seemed like an eternity. We were all in a kind of trance, used to each other, so we didn't rush to a fast orgasm like we had on several earlier occasions. Instead I made them go slow, touching my thighs and breasts and delaying the contact that would push me to a climax. When I started to approach an orgasm I would redirect them to my breasts or my tummy.

Finally I couldn't help myself. With fingers on ever single one of my special places I began a loud moan that surprised everyone, including myself. And then I went over the top. A climax so powerful that I was dizzy for several minutes. When I came to my senses, they were standing over me and wildly jacking each other off. Their cum splattered all over my breasts and tummy, and it felt burning hot when it hit. I was still so aroused that I started in on myself again and had a second climax while they watched me.

We never told the other guys about our secret, and we did it several more times before we all graduated and left campus for jobs and new lives. Eventually I masturbated them as well, and learned how to pleasure their penises as I had shown them how to touch my clitoris.



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