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My Dick Is Broke

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I had been depressed because of the years of tension with my wife. One day I suddenly realised I became the guy that couldn't get laid, even on his birthday. Then, to my surprise, I didn't want to. No zip in the zipper for her anymore, and no more begging for a mercy fuck. I could barely get it stiff enough to jack myself off. This put me in a gray funk that I barely remember. Resentment, fear, and anger started coming out of me in the weirdest ways.

So with some 'prodding' from her, I joined this self-help group. This was a place I could talk about feelings, futures, past etc. There was a lot of stuff I had in common with these people. I initially resented the concept but after a couple of sessions I began to speak candidly and almost openly with these strangers. Sometimes that is easier with a stranger.

Oh there were women in the group. I really wasn't interested in the women. Some were lookers, some talkers, some prom queens all with more issues than anyone. But there was one that was a listener. I'll call her Sookie. I don't want to tell her story but she was 'enrolled' by her husband to get better also. During a lecture she noticed I didn't have paper and was trying to take notes on the margin of a handout. She offered me a sheet from her notepad. I thanked here and she smiled and laughed so warmly. So over the weeks without really knowing I started sitting behind her or near her in every class. I found myself always across the room when we sat in a circle discussion group so I could see her. During movies in the dark, I would sit as close as I dare to her just so I could smell her. I wanted to touch her, bump my leg up against her, ANYTHING. It wasn't sexual really, she just made me comfortable and treated me with respect. I always made sure to get a Sookie hug goodbye at the end of the meeting.

Listening is a powerful attractant to someone that was pretty much ignored at home. I was the paycheck sleeping on the couch. Not with Sookie. She listened and smiled and I felt a warm comfort being around her. I finally got the courage to ask her to meet me for coffee afterwards. She shyly agreed. I started telling her about my life and where I had been and asking about hers. I kept trying to clumsily play footsie with her under the table. She would ask if her feet were in the way. I would apologize.

Then one night, after the circle group session, I guess my face showed the strain. She came over to me with a hug and asked what's wrong. I blurted it out. Something I couldn't tell the group. I said 'My dick is broke.' Not unheard of for a man near his fifties.

Sookie seemed stunned by my frankness but could tell I really meant it. I apologized and tried backtracking. But Sookie's 'what's wrong?' concern just lowered my guard for an instant and there was no sucking the words back in.

She started to say 'Well maybe I can take a look,' but stopped before her BLURT finished. I was surprised and tried to not show it. We nervously said good night. After another rousing argument with the Mrs about what the hell is wrong with me, I finally agreed to her constant suggestions that I look for another place to stay. I packed up a few clothes and signed up for a week at an extended stay hotel.

Later that week I announced to the group I had separated with my wife. Sookie and I were talking after the meeting and I suggested maybe someday she might want to come over and see my place and have some coffee and... She interrupted me with 'How about right now?'

I answered 'Sure, follow me in my truck.' As I am driving, I guess my dick knew before me what was going to happen. My balls started to crawl and the long lost feeling of a spontaneous erection started coming on.

Now I am scared, excited and trying to suppress the wood. After all, I told her my 'dick is broke'. We meet in room 155. I nervously show her some artwork I brought along. She was standing too close, pretending to be impressed. I brushed against her as I went back to my briefcase for more artwork, just to be sure. I was right, the 240 volt electricity was flying between us.

We both knew what was coming but didn't know where to start.

She sat on the bed and I sat next to her and told her how much comfort her hugs have given me. Like two magnets that strayed too close we just clicked. Kissing and groping like teenagers one third our age. I undid her sweater and she made sure I saw that one perfect nipple peeking out of her bra. I started kissing and fondling her breasts and then with one hand she pressed me on my chest to lay me out on the bed. Then with a ferocious passion and intent I had never witnessed, she started unbuckling my pants and zipper demanding to 'see this beautiful broke dick.'

All I could do was lay there. The semi-flaccid guy was greeted with moans of appreciation and compliments. He was broke no more. My dick stood straight up to all that positive attention. I started twitching like a fish on a hook. The feeling of Sookie's hand was so intense I had to pull away. I decided to fight fire with fire and pull her panties down and began fingering her clit. Now she was twitching and moaning with my fingers buried in her sweet pink mound.

I took her hand away and started masturbating because that was the only relief I had known for years. She saw that and watched. Sookie started talking in a breathy voice how that was sooo sexy. My head was spinning and my dick was screaming. I pulled back and did something I had never done before.

I just told her to stand up, I wanted her to look. She stood up at the foot of the bed and I faced her, rolled on my back, slowly grabbed my knees and exposed my ass and balls for her. She went fucking nuts. She was staring, clutching her crotch, saying 'oh my, that is so awesome,' and looking at my most private parts while I lay there completely exposed. It felt so liberating. She got her face closer and I could feel her warm breath on my ass and balls. My broke dick was stiff, bright red and throbbing. I could just reach one of her free hanging breasts as she began stroking me.

She lay down opposite from me and slowly started moving her hand down. Shyly at first she began jacking herself off. I just had to get closer to see. The closer my face got to her pussy, the faster she jacked her clit. I would back away and she would slow down.

I told her to tell me when she is gonna cum. That suggestion got a moan of approval and an immediate doubling of her finger flick fury.

I would slowly exhale open-mouthed warming her cunt with my breath without touching her. The whole time I was pulling my dick like a start rope on a balky lawnmower.

As she let loose with a cum I shoved my hand flat on her clit.

She pulled her hand out as I fingered her pussy hard. She silently held her breath and bucked her hips for 20 or 30 seconds before exhaling a big long loud OOOOHHHH! I backed away and saw her tweaking one of her nipples with her fingers. Then with a really far away look in her eyes, she stared right through me and started rubbing her pussy again. As she started building up another climax I started fingering her just as she came again.

Three times she came like this. Then as I was flicking her clit I could feel her wet hand move down my belly and began exploring my balls and ass. I was still jacking off! About two minutes of her touch and my attention fell away from her red puffed up pussy. I started watching her eyes staring at my cock and her fingers working my balls. That was IT. I unloaded two months worth of pent-up thick cum all over her tits and belly. I got dick splash on my own face as well.

I collapsed into an uncontrollable fit of fuck-chuckles and tears.

That kinda freaked her out on our first date. After a few minutes, she said she had to get home, cleaned up, dressed and kissed me goodbye and let herself out. I could only lay there with a spent dick in my hand.

The next day on the phone she confessed she had never seen a man masturbate before and it was so hot! She also admitted she had never masturbated in front of anyone. Sookie felt if she did it in front of me it would make me feel more comfortable in front of her.

On many return visits over the following years we explored many facets of our formerly frustrated fantasy sex lives. Mutual masturbation and exhibition has become the climax and mainstay of our sex. Hours and hours we watch and take turns helping each other 'get off'. A digital camera and an audience have been discussed but we don't know how to start that fun safely. Some day

I know when she reads this story she will be calling me on the phone and start wanking away. I'm with you baby, fixed dick in hand!



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