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My Delicious First Time

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My name is Tiffany, I'm 15 and Asian. I'm kinda tall, like 5'7ish, taller than most girls in my class. My hair is glossy black and about shoulder length. All my girlfriends say I'm cute but I haven't had any contact with boys yet, heh. My boobs aren't that big, like B cup. I'm pretty slender, and my curves show through a lot with my tight clothing. It also kind of shows off my boobs, even though they aren't great. My eyes are kind of narrow, being an Asian, but my girlfriends say they're beautiful.

Well, we were coming back from an away volleyball game on a school bus, one of those big ones. We had lost the game, but it was really close; that still didn't dampen our enthusiasm on the way back. Our team only had like fifteen people in it, and with twenty something of those big bus chairs in that bus, everyone could get a row to themselves. I was talking with my friends, just the normal chitchat while messing around with each others hair and poking each other and stuff. I was leaning on the front of the bus seat, the corner was kind of hard and edgy, when the bus stopped at a red light it was vibrating from the engine or something, and it caused my seat to vibrate.

I instantly felt something in between my legs, it felt weird and my heartbeat instantly sped up, I gazed out for a moment. I stretched and moved back, but the vibrations still went on. There was a tingly sensation between my legs, and it felt kinda good. Just then, the bus started to move again.

Next time we came to a red light I made sure to position myself right on the corner while talking with my friends, my mind not so much on the conversation anymore. My friend tossed something at me so I playfully caught it and threw it back at her, leaning over the corner in the process. The hard corner was almost directly on my vulva, I nearly fell off the seat; it felt even better than before, it was a whole new feeling.

The rest of the ride I just kind of stayed there, making sure it wasn't awkward while playing with my friends. The edge started to feel really good and I felt my panties getting a little wet.

After I got back to school, I hurriedly said bye to my friends and started to walk back home, walking a little faster than normal; I wanted to get more of that feeling.

As soon as I got home I went up into my room and used the restroom, and then turned on the shower. I stepped in, the hot water pouring over me felt relaxing after our game. I noticed my nipples were hard, and I hadn't noticed that before. They only really did that when I was cold or when I was thinking of some cute boys at our school. I massaged my breasts, I guess I was kind of turned on at that point. My fingers lingered over my nipples, and I let the water pour over them and lightly touched them.

It felt really good, kinda like the bus seat but a lot more relaxing since I was in a shower. I started to twist and massage my nipples and closed my eyes enjoying the feeling, I was so relaxed..

I forced myself to move on, I still had to wash my hair. I applied some lotion to my hair and washed it through, such nice hair takes a lot of work you know.

My hands returned to my nipples like magnets, I was playing with my boobs, massaging them again. I continued this for who knows when, it felt like a long while, it was so relaxing and felt good..

My vulva (pussy as I now know to call it) was getting wet, like the same thing as before on the bus-seat. And it wasn't just the shower water wet.. I felt so horny, my nipples were so hard, I never felt like this before. But it felt like I had been showering forever, my dad might be worried. I forced myself to stop this mesmerizing and turn off the shower, and stepped outside to dry myself off. I instinctively went to grab a new bra and panties, but thought better of it.. I went over to my bed.

My nipples were soo hard, I never knew it could even do this. I rubbed them, it was soo good.. but I noticed my vulva had begun to feel wet, like the same wetness from the bus. I was feeling so horny from my nipples, my pussy (as I know now to call it)

My right hand floated down to my vulva, I felt the curves of it, it felt larger and more prominent. I ran my fingers around it, I had no idea why I was doing this, but it felt good... I put my index finger on the lips, slowly moving up and down, it seemed my pussy was begging to be touched. I slid my finger up and down, my finger was wet now with juices, going up and down my slit..

It felt so good.. I never knew I could do this in my life, it was amazing.. A soft moan crept out of my mouth, a romantic moan. I started sliding my finger up and down faster, now one, now two.. I started moving my fingers in circles around my lips, up and down still, faster and faster, my left hand still rubbing my nipple, it was so hard I couldn't believe it, the feeling was so good it couldn't be..

My heart started beating crazy fast, like I had run miles, my breathing was starting to become jagged, sometimes I held my breath for a few seconds, but I didn't care, this felt so good, I wanted it to last forever. more soft moans escaped my mouth.. 'mm.. unnnh.. oooooh.. nnnhh..' I turned my body so my face went into my pillow, muffling my sounds, my pussy felt sooooo goood.. and suddenly, I felt something building up.. I started moving my hips, half humping my fingers while feeling my slit, so wet and slick

It kept coming, like it was climbing a steep mountain, and the pleasure was soo intense, it felt soo good..

and finally, the climbing sensation came to its peek, the peek of pleasure, it felt SOOOOO GOOOOD.. I nearly screamed into my pillow but managed to make it a loud moan.. 'UNNNNNNGHHHH..' the spasms of pleasure spread from between my legs, it coursed through my bloodstream like fire throughout my body, it felt SOOO GOOD.. it was like heaven.. one spasm, two spasms.. four, five spasms.. and the last one coursed through, rocking my body, and it faded away.

I lay there limp, turned my head to the side to breath. I was almost sweating, I could feel my heart pounding so fast against my ribcage, it sounded so loud, like a huge drum. I knew once again I wanted that feeling.. but I felt so drained, I was so relaxed, I just wanted to fall asleep..


It's been over half a year since then, when I first experienced something I would come to know as an orgasm, and since then, I would have many orgasms.. (omg.. they feel SOO GOOOD..), and not just alone.



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