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My Dear Affectionate Friend

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A romantic woman may be patient with the length and detail of this story, whereas an impatient person looking for the sex to get off might not. Tell me what you think ...


I began working a few hundred miles away from home out of necessity. The insurance company that hired me was moving its head office to the city where I was recruited from so that they could save relocation costs later. However it meant I had to spend a year commuting on every second weekend. The first casualty was the relationship with my live-in girl friend, Diane. I was devastated.

My new work colleagues sympathized with me and I began to spend quite a few nights out with the guys. They persuaded me that the same thing was true at their end of the relocation. Suddenly when the move was announced, some people quit, and others went on to lose relationships and even marriages over it. In other cases, the spouses had moved earlier to get started in the new city so there were a lot of lonely ladies needing immediate attention. I didn't believe them until we went out one Thursday night with what they called the 'Lonely Hearts Club', a group of young women and girls from the massive accounting department. It went out on Thursday nights to dance, support and console each other.

Very quickly I found myself sitting among the girls and we were talking about the hardship of the move and other well trodden subjects. I asked gorgeous Eadie sitting next to me to dance, probably because she looked at lot like Diane. She was delighted but made it clear that she was married and only looking for a fun time. We kept each other company and really had a lot of laughs, probably because neither of us had expectations whatsoever. I finally asked her if she would like to get out of there and away from the nosy interventions and remarks of our colleagues. She readily agreed. We stopped and had a bite to eat and then took a cab back to my apartment hotel, losing no opportunity to kiss and be intimate while en-route. She made it clear it was just for a coffee and then she would take a cab to her place, just a few blocks away.

When we got there, I made coffee and we talked about ourselves. She sympathized with my loss of a great relationship and how the move had caused problems for her too. She said that she had married her boyfriend when the move was announced, rather than lose him. He had lost his job and had moved to the new city to find work until her job would relocate so that they could be together. It sounded like he had an hourly job in construction and worked intermittently so they depended on her steady weekly pay. She stalwartly resisted my urges that she sit next to me on the couch.

She sat in a single arm chair in the living room across from me and looked over my shoulder into the bedroom and said 'You have no idea how much I wish I could... I get so, so ...horny ...but I'm determined to make my marriage work.' She said how proud she was for resisting temptation and staying on her side of the living room. She said that I must get 'frustrated' too and need to relieve my sexual urges. I could feel my erection build. I boldly walked over to and kissed her again, bending over beside her and rubbing one hand through the back of her hair. She brought up a hand and touched my chest. It slid to my waist and then fell to the bulge in my pants. I responded by running a hand along the inside of her silken thighs and stopping to feel her sodden panty hose at her crotch. She gasped and moaned and said 'No I can't, not like this ... please.. sit over there!!' I was in agony in a good way but I was getting quite curious as to where this was going. She was in no hurry to leave.

Once I had re-seated myself at the couch she hiked up her dress, pulled off her panty hose and panties and began to frig herself like mad. She said that I could watch and get off but that we couldn't touch each other. If I didn't agree she said, she would leave. I nodded and unbuckled my trousers, hauling out a very stiff cock that yearned for relief. I watched her spread her legs and shove her fingers into her vagina while endlessly frigging her clit, moaning and writhing in front of me. Very shortly after that scene I came in furious spurts onto the floor between us. She noisily came and I could see slick liquid running down her thighs as she panted and heaved in deep breaths while she clutched her crotch and slumped in the chair. I ended up walking her home and spent a seemingly endless period of time embracing, talking in muted tones, holding her and wiping away her tears 'of joy' she said.

She called and came over the next day a Saturday, late in the afternoon and we went shopping. I was delighted to be her 'affectionate friend' as she called me. I felt like I was in a trance as I had never had an affair with a married woman before, at least one seeming determined to stay married. She said that she had had an IUD inserted and that it had been hurting her..and what a waste with the husband away!! I said that I would be glad to help justify its installation, but she laughed and said that she might take me up on it (laughing) but that she wasn't sure her head and her heart could take much more than what we had done already.

We found a dark corner in which to embrace. She placed my hand at the bottom of her pubis while we kissed. She whispered a request that I rub her there slowly while our tongues intermingled. She moaned, writhed and finally came, soaking her jeans and gasping open mouthed as she did. After we hugged for a short while she unzipped my cock, while sheltering us with her body. She looked up into my eyes while stroking my cock faster and faster. She held my sleeve with her other hand, pulling tighter as my hips bucked when I came, shooting spurts of white jism past her hand. A tear ran down her cheek. We kissed and parted more like friends at a train station in the early evening. I left thinking that our 'thing' had run its course and that we would just be friends without deeper emotional bond or much more sexual involvement.

I had just settled in to a late night movie when she called, breathless, asking what I was doing. I idly chatted while she rambled on about our first night and how much it had turned her on. How it had roused the beast in her and how she had been wet from the first moment I kissed her. I could feel my cock stir. I couldn't help but feel that this was a strange conversation. When she breathlessly asked if I would jerk off for her and tell her how it felt, the penny dropped. I imagined her lying on her bed, naked from the waist down, blouse open. I could hear the low whine of what must have been a vibrator fade in and out as she inserted it in and out of herself in rhythm with her gasping and panting breath. I jerked my cock, barely able to keep my knees from buckling while holding the phone to my ear, imprisoned in the kitchen by having answered a fixed, land line phone. I finally let out a loud groan and grunted as I shot a bolt of cum onto the kitchen floor. I told her how it felt and I heard her cry out Oooo, Ooohh, Oooohhh,... Uungghhhuughhh!!! and then hang up!

I called her back and she was in tears. She said that her husband had not returned her calls about coming home next weekend. She had been upset all day but when he had called he was curt and resentful of her attempts to coax him into sexual play by phone. I said that maybe he wasn't alone... then regretted my remark. She was silent for a moment and apologized for mentioning it. She said that I had been sweet to get off with her and that she had been brazen beyond belief but that she had never felt so lonely and unfulfilled. I said that maybe we needed to see each other right now. Maybe I should come over and hold her and ... 'have sex like two people...' 'Like two people ...in love? I think that scares me most of all!' she finished!. We eventually hung up and I finally remembered to put away my now limp, wet dick. I began to wonder what world I had entered and maybe I should quit my job, find Diane and have a normal life again!

We didn't see each other that week. In fact, I made it a point of having lunch with Cindy, one of the other members of the Lonely Hearts Club who was curious as to why I had left with recently married Eadie when there were less complicated girls available. Cindy and I began dating, having sex and became an item. Eadie called once to ridicule what she called my dating 'a little girl'. Hardly a fair remark I said, when I pointed out that Cindy was 21, I was 25 and Eadie was 29, but she had a point. The difference between sweet innocent Cindy and sensuous and experienced Eadie was like night and day.

Finally one night I got a call from Eadie who had been shopping in mid-town and wanted me to 'rescue her' from the rainy weather, her tiredness and her loneliness. I jumped in my car in the lower level parking and set off. I found her shivering, and clutching a parcel under a marquis.

I asked her if she wanted to go to my place. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to stop and have a late bite. She said she wasn't hungry. I headed towards her place and asked if she wanted company. She said she wasn't sure but maybe if I could pull up to the curb in front of her apartment building, that we could talk for a while. I really just wanted to drop her off and go home to finish the movie.

I think she sensed my indifference and said that she guessed our 'thing' had ended. I said I didn't see how it could have continued unless something changed because we were beginning to really care for each other in impossible circumstances....but that it just wasn't in the cards, I guess. She frowned and threw her arms around me, kissing deeply. She pulled up her top and held my head against her breasts. Then she unzipped my fly and began a vertical stroke of my cock. She threw herself, back flush against the passenger door window and removed her skirt and panties, rubbing my leg with her toes. I covered my erect cock as people walked past the car while she just began to finger fuck herself, moaning and opening her legs more with abandon as she did.

I said that people would notice, feeling a bit self-conscious for the first time in our relationship. She laughed and said that they could just get off by themselves on the sidewalk for all she cared!! I asked if we could go upstairs or at least move the car to someplace more secluded. No, she said, this was where she wanted to get out when we were done. She saw pre-cum ooze from my cock and she asked if I still wanted to fuck her. I said I couldn't in the front seat, not here. Then she said, that I had better get jerking because she was about to cum soon and then she would be gone. I didn't need to be told twice and began stroking while she brushed my hand with her toes. I told her that I was going to cum. With that she began to really frig herself at a frenzy and started shoving fingers into her vagina with a noisy refrain of moans, groans and cries. She began to buck her hips on the slippery seat like she was thrusting her hips to meet a stroke of her lover. When I saw that, I shot a burst of cum onto the steering wheel and the dashboard. Eadie turned her head to the side and cried out as she spasmed and then went still when she came. A woman stopped on the sidewalk and pointed at us to her husband. He graciously grabbed her by the arm and spun her away from us.

Eadie pulled down her skirt, balled up her panties in her hand and stuffed them into her parcel. She suddenly kissed me on the mouth, said good bye and then bolted from the car. I called her the next day but she said she was moving the next week to be with her husband. We agreed not to get together again. I just heard this week that her marriage had ended as did mine a while ago, and was thinking of her..



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