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My Day With Jim

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Solo Touch has given me quite a bit of pleasure since I first found it not too long ago. This is one of my most special memories and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did living it.


I live with my now single brother in our family farm house. It's a beautiful home and farm with a pool out back. My now retired parents live in a bungalow on the front of the property.

Jim, our farm hand is 21. He's long and lean with a strong build. I get the chance to work with him or at least see him sometimes on a weekend. During hay season I will take vacation time from work to help out.

I have had many male friends and lovers in the past but nothing long term yet. I have been blessed with a nice body and I do my best to keep it that way. Masturbation has been my best friend since I first learned to orgasm back in high school. I get what I want when I want it and for as long as I want it. What more could I ask for sexually? I found way back that I was multi orgasmic and if time and the mood is right I'll spend hours enjoying my body. My orgasms can be and most times are very strong. I am able to have orgasms until my clit is so sensitive that I can't touch it any longer. If I have a masturbation session like that it is always great if I masturbate again the next morning as soon as I awake. I learnt I can then orgasm real fast and very close together.

As for men and masturbation? One of my boyfriends years ago once masturbated for me while I watched. It was such a visual turn on for me. He only did it once but it is etched in my memory to this day.

All that brings me to what happened last summer during a very hot spell while I was helping bring in the first cut of hay. Jim our farm hand, was just getting to the house that morning as I was getting out of the pool from my morning dip. I love to show off my body and tease, so at the right moment I tilted my head back squeezing the water from my hair giving Jim a nice show of my almost naked wet body. Jim came directly to me greeting me with good morning with his eyes going up and down my fit body. I said, good morning Jim. I guess it's you and me collecting bales while dad and bro do the rolls.

I went to change telling Jim I would meet him at the old flat bed truck in a moment. In a few moments I was changed into the shortest shorts I have and the smallest top with no bra to show my long nipples.

As I made my way to the shed I went around the corner to find Jim with his pants down stroking his penis and I gave a yell from the shock. Jim grabbed his pants pulling them up saying sorry and please don't tell anyone. I could see he was stressed so I told him not to worry and that he was only doing what he must to relieve tension that a young man gets sometimes. He said nothing, jumping onto the back of the flat bed truck saying let's get to work.

I noticed he still wanted to see my body as I slowly made my way to the cab with his eyes following.

Once on the field I drove as Jim tossed on the bales then I would stop and help pile them into place. Jim looked so good that day beading sweat on his naked upper tanned body. As the truck got piled high we were ready to go back for lunch and unload. I got in the passenger side and told Jim he should drive back. We had to drive slow so we did not lose any bales. I kicked off my shoes and put my feet up on the dash giving another nice show to Jim. There was no conversation so I took my left foot and pointed my toes making lines in the dust on the dash from my side to his and back again. Jim watched my long leg moving back and forth then I stopped leaving my foot on the dash by the steering wheel.

I then asked Jim if he was having an ok day. He said he just felt bad about earlier. I took my foot and gave hima few pushes on his leg while saying don't be silly. I then left my foot on top of his leg and said, you know, I do it too.

He said, do what? Masturbate, I told him. Jim answered with a shocked sound of, you do? As I started ever so slowly running my foot back and forth over his leg I told him that I was healthy just like him and a lady has feeling just like a guy.

As we drove back Jim was now feeling quite at ease talking to me about masturbation and I could tell he was getting turned on just like I was. I could see his bulge wanting to break free.

We got back and the guys were already there for lunch. We both went in the house and as we got there dad and bro came out saying they had about another three hours and they were done the back field.

Jim and I went in and as I was making lunch his eyes were glued to my body. He complemented me on how nice I looked and how not many girls he knows keep in shape like I do. I sucked up the complements and then said to him he should rinse off in the outside shower by the pool then we could take a cool dip before unloading the truck. I told him I'll bring him a pair of shorts out soon.

Off Jim went and I soon followed but with no food. I did grab a pair of shorts and changed myself into a dry but very small bikini. Jim's pants, socks and underwear were hanging over the top of the wooden shower stall outside. I grabbed the clothes and put up the suit. I went to the pool side and lay back on a lounge chair. Jim came out and gave me more complements on my bikini. I told him it was one of my favorites because it was so small and he agreed it was now his favorite.

Jim stood asking if I was going in and I asked him to sit down for a moment fisrt. I sat up and asked him if he was still feeling like his body needed a release. He said with a shy voice looking down, well I guess I do but I'd feel weird going in the house when you know what I'd be doing in there. I told him I that is not what I meant. I said, nobody is around for miles and I would not mind at all if you slid off your shorts and masturbated right here while I watch you. I finished with, I already saw you once today so why not finish?

It did not take a lot of persuading before Jim stood up and slid off his shorts. My heart started to pound real hard now. His penis was standing high and hard and boy was it long! I slid my lounge closer to his as he layed back so I could get a closer look. Jim closed his eyes then took his long erection into his hand and started to run the foreskin back and forth. He had very little foreskin so his erection showed all the veins very well. I reached under my chair and grabbed my tanning lotion asking if he wanted some lube. He said sure then I dribbled it over his hand on his penis. He spread it around evenly then went right to stroking. I was so turned on watching this hot young man masturbating for my enjoyment so nicely in the sun.

I could not take anymore so I flipped off both top and bottom of my bikini and my fingers went straight to my clit. I leaned back on one arm with my legs open towards Jim. Jim was now watching me and his hand speed got much faster now. Jim was softly saying oh yah as he stroked his penis with long full strokes from top to bottom. I was rubbing my clit wildly now and as I saw Jim's body start to move more I could tell he was about to cum. Knowing this brought my orgasm on real fast and I told him I was going to orgasm for him now. Just then he started to squirt out his beautiful white cum.

I had such a hard orgasm and I held nothing back not even my squeals of delight. I now had both feet on the ground still leaning back on one arm while humping up and down into the air while still rubbing my clit. Jim was now done now just watching me as I slowly stopped moving my hips and then lay back down breathing real hard. Jim said that he never saw a girl do that before and remarked how huge and long my orgasm was. We talked for about 10 minutes while we lay naked in the sun. Before we were done Jim had another erection. I told him to go right ahead and he stroked his long hard penis for me again. I enjoyed watching him so much and this time his orgasm was harder than the first.

We cleaned up, ate lunch and went back to work. We both talked about love sex and life as we unloaded then back to the field.

It was one of the best days I can remember spending with any man and we did not even touch each other.

What a great memory it is for me and I'm sure for Jim too.



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