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My Day Alone

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Living with my parents, I often find myself lacking the privacy needed to enjoy myself. Most of the time, when I'm in the mood and dying to touch myself, I have no choice but to wait until that night when they both go to bed. Luckily, they usually end up in bed fairly early, but I won't start touching myself until I'm pretty sure they are fast asleep.

Although night time provides the opportunity to have a little fun, the nights pale in comparison to when I have the house all to myself. I can do so many things I couldn't otherwise do. Usually when I have the house to myself, it's for hours, and when that is the case I take advantage of the opportunity. I strip completely naked; my clothes can't come off of me fast enough. I walk around the house without a care, completely nude. Feeling so exposed and free, turns me on. It's a whole different sensation to walk through your house naked. I love feeling of the breeze against my skin as I roam the house. It is remarkable.

Usually the feeling of exposure gets me going. My penis shakes and throbs a bit as it wakes up, getting hard. When this happens I usually make a beeline to my room and lock the door. I lay on my bed, my cock pointing straight up to my ceiling. My hand starts softly sliding up and down the shaft of my penis. I get even harder still, and begin to leak out precum. That precum ends up all over my palm as I slowly and softly slide my hand up and down my cock.

Eventually the soft touching and slower motions no longer do it for me. I pick up the pace, rubbing faster with more intense strokes that go all the way up to the tip of my hard cock. I start imagining things now. I think about one of my friends who I have fantasized about for years. She is the epitome of sexiness, but not to the extreme sense. She is the sexy girl next door, the one who would have a wild side that no one knows about. She has long blonde hair, skinny, and just my height. She has the most perfect, small, yet defined breasts, which drive me absolutely insane. She always seems sexy, regardless of her attire. She could pull off sweatpants and a hoodie, looking just as sexy as ever. I love to fantasize about her masturbating, her pretty little face getting all flushed.

I imagine her in her bed masturbating and thinking about me. I imagine her moaning and clamping her legs on her hand furiously as a big orgasm rushes over her. This gets me so hard it's ridiculous, my precum starts piling on the tip of my cock. My hand starts furiously rubbing my cock, and I feel an orgasm approach, but that is when I slow down and just squeeze my cock. The sensations are amazing, almost like a mini orgasm in and of itself. The squeezes are so pleasurable, but at the same time not as intense as full blown masturbating. This gives me time to recuperate a bit.

My fantasy becomes more involved. My friend has decided to spy on me from my window, until finally there is a knock at the door. She wants to come in. She climbs on top of me, her bare skin touching mine. She licks my neck, and continues her way down my body, making me shiver with pleasure. Her hand is always attached to my cock, giving me tugs as she breathes heavily.

At this point my fantasy drives me closer and closer to the edge of a huge orgasm. Eventually I think about exploding with cum, shooting it all over her. That's when it hits me. My free hand grabs my sheets intensely, my toes curl and I thrust my crotch forward. My cock throbs intensely in my hand. The first throbs are so intense and no actual cum comes out. Then it explodes with such force and intensity my bed and I are just completely covered. My cock spasms in my hand as cum starts dribbling out, the intensity dying down. Then I give it some big tugs to get everything out. Those after orgasm tugs are so intense that I can't help but release heavy sighs.

I just lay in bed for awhile, until the amazing feeling that rushes over me dies down. My next task at hand is taking a shower. One in which I perform naughty acts as well, but that is a story for another time.



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