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My Daughter's Friend

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It was five years ago, at mid-summer. I had to go on a business trip to a town five hours away from my home. My daughter asked if she and a couple of friends could use the trip to visit a friend who lived in the same town I was heading for, and they did. The friend, lets call her Mary, was at the time 17-years-old. For me it was a pleasure to have this company. We had a real good time driving, a lot of laughs and music. In the beginning, my daughter sat in front with me, but at midway, after a stop for refreshment my daughter wanted to sit in the back with her other friend. So Mary came in front with me. We chatted a lot, and I felt very comfortable having her there.

I have always been very active sexually, and my mind is pretty much set on sex. I have had a very active sexual life with my wife since we first met over 20 years ago. I have had some affairs to be honest. I know I have a very young look, a good body and a smiling face.

Driving this way with this pretty young girl beside me got me to think thoughts I tried to avoid. But, they kept popping up again and again. When we finally got to our destination, I left the three girls with the friend they were visiting, that lived nearby a hotel I was staying in. I remember when I was going to bed, I thought about this young fresh girl who I had been having this great time with on my way.

After a good fantacising about Mary and a great masturbation, I finally fell asleep.

When I woke up the morning after, I could not get her out of my mind. So I found an excuse to knock at the house they were staying at. She came to the door, others had left the house. She was not shy, standing in white boxers and chatting to me. I finally dared to ask her if she could help me do some grocery shopping, since I did not want to leave my daughter there without supplying something instead. Mary said yes, and after putting some clothes on, she came along. I was not sure what my mind was working at the time, but I could really feel aroused being with her. We did the shopping, it was great fun and we fooled and played in an innocent way. After that, we dropped off what we bought, and I asked her if she would join me for lunch. So we had lunch, and I could feel sexual tension grow inside of me, but I really tried to tell myself that what I was doing was wrong. But she obviously liked being around me, so the game went on.

After lunch, we drove about the town a bit and finally ended at a forest hill. I asked if she wanted to go for a walk in the forest? Yes, Mary was in for a walk in the forest. So we did. We walked about in the sun, amongst the trees and had a wonderful time. We sat down, and I could really feel that I was about to explode in my need for her, it had been building up the whole day. We sat together and chatted, and just when I was about to make my move towards her, I stood up to stop myself. This was so wrong!

We walked more. We had to cross a little water, and I invited her on to my back, I should carry her, and what a feeling! After we crossed the water we sat down. After an even more rising of tension, I told her I had something to tell her. What? She asked me looking into my eyes with her big innocent eyes. I said, I know it is wrong, but I really want to kiss you. So, who is stopping you? She replied, and I kissed her, and kissed her. God! did it feel great! But, this girl I had known since she was little, watched her grow up. This was wrong. But, both of us wanted it, so it went on. I played with her stomach, and then I played with her firm tits. She became very excited, and so did I.

I, as an adult in a bad position, stopped there, so after that we chatted in the sun, lying between the trees. She told me she had never had a boyfriend and it was her first kiss.

Even though I did not want this day do end, it did. But, pleasurably, because after I had dropped Mary back to the house, I got a phone call, and she asked if she could go back with me, since she was called for a job interview the day after, and did I say YES!!

So we drove back in the evening. We made a stop on the way where we could be in private. On the way she had been playing with my ear, licking it and kissing me on the way, about to make me crazy. It was obvious that this girl was very much aware of her nature and need or curiosity for sex. At our stop, we started kissing again. Since we were more private. I dared her to take her shirt off, so I could look at her firm tits. I played with them and her hard nipples. I could hear her lust sounds when I licked her tits. Then I dared to unbutton her pants. She was very excited and helped me to take them off, and soon she was stripped naked. What a beauty! Her pussy was so innocent. So soft and nice with her inner pussy lips peeping a bit out, so delicious! I could not help myself, I licked her tits and stomach and fingered her wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure with her eyes closed, and soon I could feel her orgasm building up, and what a noise! I loved it. This little flower flourishing in my hand! After her great orgasm she wanted to play with me. I realized I still had my pants on, but soon, I was all naked. I can hardly describe the feeling of her soft little hands playing with my balls and dick, exploring in curiosity. She told me that she had masturbated since she was 10 or 11. This excited me so! A great feeling! Then I taught her the basics in masturbating a man, and was she born to love! She played gently with me, getting faster and faster until I came with a big release of pressure. What an evening!

After awhile we got dressed, and headed back home. She played with me all the way, and has done ever since.



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