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My Date Was Weird!

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My first date with this guy and was he ever weird.


Great site and lots of enjoyable reads. Keep them coming.

This was back in the mid sixties. I and a boy in my school hit it off with each other and we'd talk alot at school and also on the phone in the evenings. He was a lot of fun and nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. He finally asked me out for a date and I said yes.

That Friday evening he picked me up and met my parents. They seemed cool with him too. So, away we went. We had already decited to go to a drive in movie where a good picture was showing. We got there and he set things up and headed to the concession building to get pop corn and drinks. He returned and we settled in. The movie started and it was soon after this that things went very weird.

I don't remember the name of the picture but it was about young people on the beach having fun. The boys in the movie wore tight swim suits and the girls bikinis. Right off the bat he started talking when a girl in the movie was in a waist up close up. Johnny, my date's name, said 'god; look at her tits. Damn they look good. I'd love to get a feel of her'. Soon a shot came up of a girl walking away in her bikini and he started again saying 'oh look at that. What a great ass. What I'd love to do to her'. Soon a girl was on the screen walking towards the camera and he said 'o my god. Look at those legs. What I'd give to rub my hand up and down those beautiful inner thighs'. He then asked me if I was looking at the boys in the movie with their tight swim trunks with the bulges they had. I answered back 'well, maybe a little'. He then went on how he'd never be able to make it there as he would be so hard and it wouldn't be a bulge. With this he laughed.

He then changed the subject a bit and started asking about masturbation coming right out with 'Barb, do you masturbate?'. I answered back 'Johnny! That's a heck of a thing to ask me' and I know I was blushing at this. He said to me 'I know girls do it and I figured you did and I just had questions about how you'll do it'. By now I was beginning to get a little excited with our conversation and began to loosen up some. He was also not making any improper moves towards me so I didn't feel threatened or anything. I began to talk to him on the subject and told him 'well, we usually just use our fingers down there'. He wanted me to go on so I gave him more details. He asked if I had any real strong feeling from it of course referring to an orgasm. I told him yes and that it went all over when it happened. He went in to his 'jerking off' and how good it felt and about shooting his cum at the end. This really got my curiosity going as I'd alwasy wondered about this with boys. I was now getting wet from the excitment. We continued to talk giving out more details about our 'privates' and I was now enjoying our little talk.

Johnny then suggested that we show each other how we 'do it' to ourselves. He was now rubbing his dick thru his pants and it was quite easy to make out and looked BIG to me. I'd never seen a hard dick before and I was now wanting to real bad. I then followed what he was doing and raised my skirt some and ran my hand to my pussy and started fingering myself over my panties. Johnny then opened his pants and pushed them down and there it was; my first hard dick! I told Johnny 'oh, it's so big and looks so hard. Can I touch it?'. He answered me with a 'please do!'. I then first took off my panties and then reached over and felt it. It felt wonderful and soft to the touch even though it was hard as a rock. Johnny then reached over so I spread my legs for him. His hand and fingers got to my pussy and I reached under putting my hand over his showing him where to touch and what to do with his fingers. He took my hand and wrapped it around his dick and showed me where to hold it and how to stroke it. I did this and before long Johnny started breathing harder and making moaning sounds and calling out my name. He then started thrusting his hips and told me 'Barb: I'm going to cum. Watch it cum' and with that he went off squirting his stuff all over his shirt. I'd heard about this from some of my girlfriends and here I was seeing it for myself. It was so exciting! After he came down and recovered he then concentrated on me and it wasn't long and I introduced Johnny to a girl getting off. I then began to feel a little guilt and pushed his hand away. Johnny then rubbed my thigh a few seconds telling me how good I felt there to him. I wiped off and put my panties back on and Johnny pulled his pants up. We the sat watching the movie as that tension we had brought on each other was now taken care of.

We continued to date for several months and we introduced each other to other sexual pleasures during this period. We finally broke up for some reason: can't remember. But, I'll never forget him and I'm sure he'll never forget my. These 'first' events and with who are things people never forget.



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