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My Damp Panties

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When I was in my early teens I thought I was some kind of freak. I seemed to be constantly horny, and always damp in my panties. It wasn't as if I was sexually experienced, I'd only ever seen a cock once, and that was my older brother's by accident as he came out of the shower. I'd been masturbating for a few months, but that was just humping myself against a pillow. I used to imagine myself with my favorite film star, and how he would seduce me and kiss me and hold me tightly. Every day when I got home from school I would literally peel my panties from my pussy and have to change them. I used to picture in my head some of the guys at school, their hard bodies and their stiff cocks as I went about my lessons.

At sixteen I had my first serious boyfriend. At the movies one evening we were sitting holding hands and he gradually shifted my hand over his lap. I could feel his stiff cock through his pants as I rubbed my hand along it. I could feel my pussy getting damper and soaking into my panties. Afterwards in his car we were doing some serious kissing and I could feel his hand creep up my thigh towards my pussy. I clamped my legs together fearing he would be able to sense how wet I was. His attention then shifted to my breasts and his hand roamed under my shirt. I had a thin bra on and I could feel his finger as it stroked across my nipple. He pushed my bra up over my breasts and lifted my shirt up. I was quiet nervous at this point as I'd never been this far with a boy. He dropped his mouth onto one of my breasts and began sucking on my nipple whilst his hand groped my other breast. I could feel that tingling sensation deep in my groin as my pussy leaked onto my panties. His tongue and fingers flicked across my nipples and I could feel an orgasm brewing. I rubbed my thighs together quietly and shuddered as I came between my legs.

Back home that evening I peeled my sticky panties off which were now soaked. I lay on my back in bed remembering the feelings I had experienced earlier. I stroked a finger across my nipples and they began hardening. I pinched and flicked them and felt my pussy begin to dampen all over again. I reached down with my other hand and slowly dragged a finger up between my pussy lips. I was soaking down there, and felt an extra tingle as I pushed the moisture around my hard little clit. I continued with both hands, one on my breasts the other on my pussy, as I imagined my boyfriend's hard cock (not that I had seen it yet). I dipped my finger an inch or so into my pussy and felt how wet it was. I rubbed the wetness around my clit and found myself getting more and more aroused. My nipples were rock hard now and I pinched them until it almost hurt. My finger was running rings around my wet clit as I felt that sensation deep in my groin. It wasn't long before it felt like fireworks were going off as my legs stiffened and I orgasmed for a second time that night.

After several other occasions with my boyfriend I'd come to the conclusion I was just one of those girls who was easily turned on, and would orgasm fairly quickly and not just once or twice. Maybe I'm just lucky.



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