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My Dad

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This experience has made me cum many times over the years.


When I was about 18 I was going to visit my dad for the weekend. My parents were divorced. My dad lived about 4 hours away from me in a major Texas city. I'm an only child and my dad was pretty successful, so I always had nice things. Whenever I would go visit him he would give me anything I wanted. I see now that it was really just to make my mom jealous, but whatever, I had everything I wanted and then some.

My dad was 38 at the time. He worked really hard to keep himself in shape and did a pretty good job at it. He had nice strong arms, muscular legs, muscular chest, and an amazing ass. I guess since he moved to the city and the women are different there he got into the chest shaving thing.

He lived a one bedroom apartment, so the sleeping arrangements were me on the couch 95% of the time. Sometimes he would let me share the bed with him. He had a king size bed so there was plenty of room. The first night I was there though, he told me to just throw my stuff on the couch and I could sleep in his room. I told him whatever, that was cool. I jumped in the shower, played with my cock for a minute (didn't finish), got out slipped on my boxers and a wifebeater. I told my dad I was sleepy so I was gonna lay down. He said that he was tired too, since he'd been up since 5 am that morning and he was just gonna jump in the shower and then lay down himself.

The bathroom was in the bedroom so I got a little excited that I might see something. I came by my horniness and freakiness honest. So my dad went into the bathroom and just kinda pushed the door, but not closing it all the way. I was in heaven at that point, because I knew that I was going to see something. I mean I had seen him naked and stuff before but c'mon, I know what guys do in the shower.

So he stripped down to his boxers and I just admired his body. My cock became immediately stiff popping out the hole in the front my boxers. He pissed and that was a turn-on for me too, even though it wierded me out a little bit that it turned me on. He shook his thick cock and just dropped his boxers right there on the floor. He got in the shower and I heard him start washing himself and couldn't help it, I started stroking right there in my dad's bed. Just then the water stopped and I pulled my hand off my 17 year old dick. He got out with a semi that you could tell had been fondled a little bit. He walked out of the bathroom in a towel and put on a fresh pair of boxers and headed on over to the bed.

Me and dad had a little bit of small talk and both drifted off to sleep. Little did I know what I was gonna wake up to later on....

I woke up and it was about 3:15 a.m. and my dad was not in the bed. I looked over at the bedroom door, which was open, and saw that the tv was going in the living room, but no sound. I then heard that familiar noise, the sound of a slick hand sliding up and down on a cock. My dad was in the living room jerking off! I wanted to creep over and try to spy, but I was so scared! My dick was throbbing by now. I couldn't help it! I had to see! I crept out of that bed as quiet as the night. I walked over by the door and could see the bottom half of his body, but the way the couch was positioned I couldn't see the top half.

There it was. My own father jerking his cock like there was no tomorrow. I had seen him soft and a little semi, but never fully hard and NEVER in this way. I just stood there in amazement watching my dad jack his 7 inch thick cock! I started to jack off right there, using my spit for lube. My dad was also using spit and the fact that he would lick his hand after it had been on his dick was turning me on even more. He would keep one hand steadily on his shaft. He would use the other hand to caress his stomach and rub on his bull balls.

I was really starting to get into it and was so careful to stay quiet, cause I was SCARED that if my dad caught me my ass would be grass. Then it happened! I bumped into this shoe rack thing my dad had by the door and it made a thud!!!! I was frozen in fear and before I could even think about running back to bed I saw my dad jump up quick and throw his boxers on and then I heard him call my name.

I was so scared. You honestly have no idea how scared I was, but my freakin boner would not go down and I didn't have the thickest pair of boxers in the world on. So I went out and my dad was like what's up. I just kinda stood there and shrugged my shoulders a little bit and was like nothin. He asked me if i'd been watching him and I was speechless. He then said by the look of the front of those shorts you got on you were doing something. I shrugged. He told me to come sit down. I went over and did like I was told to.

He apparently didn't realize he hadn't turned the porno off that he was watching and I said, ' nice movie dad.' He said, ' oh, how'd that get on there.' Obviously trying to make a joke of this awkward situation. He told me that since he and his girlfriend broke up he had to do something. I said, 'I know.' He then told me that if I wanted to watch all I had to do was ask and he would be okay with letting me watch. I was 'old enough' now. I told him I was worried that he would think I was wierd. He said it's natural and he's sure that I do it all the time and it was hard for me since I didn't have my own room here. I kind of shifted a little bit do the weird situation I was in and he could see that I was still hard.

My dad said it looked like I need to relieve myself and he turned the sound up on the tv and focused his eyes back to the tv kind of sitting back with his legs spread apart. He looked over at me and told me it was okay, this would be our secret, and to relax. I couldn't believe that I was freezing up like this! After a second I relaxed a bit more and noticed that my dad was rubbing his stomach. It almost looked like he didn't even know he was doing it. Like natural instinct.

Then he put his arm down and it touched me on my side. I just kinda sat there frozen! Dad then pushed his boxers down and that hard cock of his flopped against his stomach. The hand that had been by my side then started inching it's way to my stomach. My dad was starting to feel me up. Then he did it, he just put his hands in the front of my boxers and started jerking me off. My own dad was jerking me off. I started moaning a little bit and he said that it looks like I had relaxed finally. He then grabbed my hand and put it on his cock and told me to jack him off.

There we were both jacking each other off and watching porn. I knew I wasn't going to last long. I told my dad I was getting close to cumming. He told me to go ahead and do it and started fist fuck my cock furiously and I started almost gasping it felt so good. I felt that tingling in the all over my cock and knew it was over with. I shot all over his hand.

I was spent and felt dirty and good. He then rubbed my cum all over his dick and told me kneel in front of him and jerk him off. I knelt down in front of my dad and started jerking his cock. He said he felt so good and hot it was that he could feel his boy's breath on his cock. That's how close I was. I started jerking him off just like I would do myself. I could tell he was about to cum because his dick got really hard. He said he was about to shoot and stood up real quick and shot the hugest load i've ever seen all over my face. A little bit even went in my mouth. After the shuddering stopped he looked down at me and almost looked scared about what we'd just done. I told him it was our secret. He wiped the cum off of my face with my wifebeater that was had apparently came off of me at some point and said lets get to bed. We went to the bed and laid down on our sides and went to sleep.

About a month after that happened my dad came out of the closet. I came out on my 19th bday. We never did that again, but caught each other a couple of more times. I know my dad would jerk off to my cock pics on my cell phone though when I would go visit him.

I'm 30 now and still jerk off to the one sexual experience that turned me on more than any other. I'm jacking off now just thinking about it.



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