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My Cousins

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A few months ago my cousin Del and I were on the phone talking and as always later in our conversation we talk about when we were younger. Del and her sisters and I have always been close. We are in our fifties now, but we have always enjoyed our times together.

Back then my aunt would bring Del and her sister Ann with her on visits. Ann was older by sixteen months. My cousins and I would hangout in the basement or backyard or the empty guest house. They would always tease me by exposing themselves to me, acting like they didn't know they were. They either wore skirts or short baggy shorts. They would giggle or laugh to themselves watching me looking at their legs with a hard-on under my shorts.

The first time we fooled around we were in the basement, Del sat in front of me wearing a semi long loose skirt that she pulled up above her knees, she looked down at her legs and then at me and smiled. Del then looked at Ann and they both smiled. Del then kissed her right index finger and motioned me over and tapped her right leg above her knee. My heart was racing as I went over to her on my hands and knees and started feeling and kissing her right knee and slowly went up her leg as she lifted her skirt over my head. For several minutes I felt and kissed both her legs, and I was happy. My cock was hard and wanting to get out of my shorts.

After a few mintues Ann said that it was her turn. She sat next to Del and pulled her shorts off and Del said ok. With my right hand I reached down and pulled my cock out of my left side of my shorts and stroked him for a few seconds and then reached up feeling Del's legs and butt. I switched over to Ann and started feeling and kissing her legs. Del saw my cock out of my shorts because she started feeling him with her toes and giggling. For the next hour I switched back and forth between them both feeling and kissing their legs. Just before I switched to Del she turned around on her knees and pulled down her panties and she let me feel and kiss her bare butt for a few mintues. At the same time Ann was feeling my cock with her toes. As I was kissing Del's butt my aunt called out for the girls. Ann quickly stood up and pulled her panties down and motioned me to kiss her bare butt. I felt and kiss her butt as Del pulled up her panties and straightened out her skirt. Del went upstairs first and then Ann pulled her panties up and put on her shorts. I followed Ann up the stairs feeling her butt and legs. I waited at the top of the stairs a few seconds to relax and then went over to my aunt to say goodbye.

After that my two cousins and I would find ways to fool around anywhere we could.

Their next visit they came in the early evening and we sat in the backyard between the main and guest house. Thinking about their last visit I went to my room and took off my underwear and put just my shorts back on. We looked at each other and wanted to do something together. I got up and opened the outside basement door and stepped in. As I looked back I positioned myself so that only Del and Ann could see me. I dropped my shorts and showed them my hard cock. They took glances when they could and kept their cool. I started jacking off watching their legs and their eyes on my cock and face. I was so excited jacking off being watched by them. After ten minutes of jacking off at them I turned to my right facing the first room in the basement and shot my load into it as they watched me. They watched as I squeezed the last drop and then I went to the sink to washup. I went outside and joined them all.

After a while Del asked if we could go to my room and listen to music on the radio. We went to my room which is the first room up the stairs to the left with a window facing the backyard. We turned the radio on, not too loud. We could see out but no one could see in. Del laid back on the bed spreading her legs and I started kissing and feeling her legs and pussy over her panties as she started moaning. This was new to her and she liked it, new to me too. Ann kept a lookout. I put both of Del's legs over my shoulders, loving how smooth and soft and warm they felt. The whole time Ann must have been watching and then I felt her hand on my cock, rubbing him. Ann was kneeling to my left and felt up my leg till she reached my hard-on and just rubbed him and squeezed him with her left hand while feeling my butt with her right hand.

I laid on my back on the floor with my left leg out to my left as Ann rubbed my cock and Del stood up and danced above me as I looked up her skirt. I reached up feeling Del's legs and felt Ann gently biting my cock over my shorts. Del then stood over my face with her feet spread out and knelt sitting on my face. Her inner thighs were on my cheeks and her pussy under her panties were on my chin and lips. I started feeling and kissing her inner thighs. I could hear Del moaning and sighing as she reached under my shorts and underwear feeling my balls and then Ann slapped Del's hand away and pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees. Ann then started jacking my cock as Del was moaning. I felt under Del's panties to feel her butt. I was breathing hot and heavy feeling Ann's fingers on my cock.

After a few minutes they switched positions and I finally felt my cock in Del's hand, it was great. After a few minutes of jacking my cock Del stopped and looked out the window. She sat on the bed and told Ann they should watch me jack off. Ann liked the idea and sat on the bed with Del and they both pulled their skirts up to their waists. They surprised me as they both reached under their panties and started masturbating. I took a t-shirt from the hamper and laid it between them and started stroking my cock. I was so excited standing there with my shorts down around my ankles jacking off to my two cousins naked from the waist down. A few minutes later I shot my load on the t-shirt. They loved watching my cum shootout. We went in the bathroom together and cleaned up and then went back outside to join everybody.

Within half an hour the sun was setting and we all went inside.

For the next two hours they were here we sneaked around the house, them letting me feel and kiss their bodies. In the back inside porch for the first time Ann lifted her top and bra letting me feel and kiss her tits. I then started licking and sucking them and she was loving it. She leaned against the wall pulling her shorts down telling me to finger her pussy. One hand went down on her pussy whilst the other squeezed her tits. A minute later Del walked in and scared us half to death. Del laughed and then laid out on her right side and elbowed between us pulling my shorts down and started jacking my cock.

We heard someone walk in the kitchen and we quickly sat on the chairs. It was my aunt saying it was time to go. My aunt walked back to the front room as my cousins and I kissed as lovers do saying goodbye.

These first two times we fooled around were a month apart. Over the next four years before they moved out of state we enjoyed ourselves many times. The best part of it all is that they have two other sisters, one younger and one older, they too get horny Del told me.

Well back to my conversation with Del on the phone. She said she was bored and was ready for a vacation. I suggested she come up and visit me, she said she was hoping I'd say that. Three weeks ago Del came and stayed with me for a week.

But I'll have to wait to tell you about that visit next time...



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