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My cousin taught me

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My cousin who was also my closest friend introduced me to the art.


My cousin Ash was nearly a year older than me. We lived in the same suburb and had grown up together and were best friends. From an early age we had been having sleepovers at each others houses. This involved bathing together, so we had grown up knowing what each other looked like nude but there was nothing sexual between us at the time - I suppose all we knew was that our equipment was used for peeing. When Ash started puberty neither of us commented on it. I started about a year later. By the time I was 13 I had a nice bush, and I had noticed that I was hard most mornings when I woke up.

At one sleepover about this time we showered together and I showed Ash how I was now able to pull my foreskin back to wash - until then it was still stuck to my glans, but Ash had been able to pull his back for several years. Maybe it was this development that prompted Ash as I was about to switch the light that night out to ask me if I had started having wet dreams yet. I had been told about them but had never had one and told Ash this. He said that I was lucky not having to wake up with a sticky mess in my pyjamas as used to happen to him.

I asked him if he still had them and he said no not since he discovered wanking. I had of course heard of wanking but was still puzzled by it - some guys said it was great yet to be called a wanker was not great.

Anyway, I asked Ash if he would show me how to do it - my main aim was to avoid having these wet dreams. He hesitated a bit and then said OK but we would need some tissues. I had a box handy having recently recovered from a cold. Ash then told me we had to get our dicks hard. I noticed that his was about an inch longer than mine when hard and with both of us our foreskins completely covered the head. Ash showed me how to stroke it, and he started getting precum which I thought must be semen but he explained what it was. I didn't get precum until a few months later.

Like lots of others on ST I thought that I was going to pee but Ash told me to carry on, then said he was going to come and to watch. A few blobs of white stuff flew out and he quickly mopped up and said that now I must come. I carried on for a minute or two then suddenly there was this fantastic feeling and out shot my first load. It was in fact quite a bit more than Ash had produced and took several tissues to mop up. So that was my first time and it successfully saved me from ever having wet dreams, but sometimes I wish that I had had at least one to know what it was like. More happened later but that is enough for now.



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