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My Cousin Showed Me the Ropes

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I first learned about jerking off when I was about 10 years old from my older cousin who lived next door. He was 15. Let me say he was a great cousin and we spent a lot of time together - mostly doing chores around the farm where we lived. We did all the guy stuff. We went fishing together. We went exploring through the woods together. He taught me everything; how to tie knots, play ball, etc.
We had built a clubhouse in the woods nearby our house. It was a great clubhouse. Of course I thought it was great because we said there were no girls allowed. My cousin who was 5 years older than me one day brought some old Playboy and Penthouse magazines to the clubhouse. He cut out pictures of beautiful naked women and tacked them to the walls of our clubhouse. Although they looked real nice I was still too young and not interested in girls yet.
One night our parents let us spend the night in the clubhouse. This was the night I learned about jerking off. As we lay back on top of our sleeping bags my cousin got out his magazines and started looking through them. He gave me one to look at too. I found this very intriguing. Then my cousin started talking about how horny and hard he was and that he was going to have to do something about it. He kept flipping the pages and saying he was going to have to do something about his boner.
It seems silly now but I was not sure what he meant. So I finally asked him what are you going to do? He responded do you want to jerk me off? Still being stupid I said what do you mean? With that he stretched back and unfastened his belt, open up his jeans and pulled his white briefs down revealing the first hard cock I had every seen. I was quite intrigued. My cousin was 5 years older than me and was very fit. He had dark complexion. He had quite of a bit of pubic hair and his cock seemed hugh (especially compared to mine). At the tip of his cock he was oozing out clear gooey liquid which I sooned learned was pre-cum. He started rubbing his penis up and down. I laid there not a foot from him watching very closely with lots of interest.
He asked me if I wanted to pull my pants down too. I was not sure but I did it anyway as it seemed the thing to do. Now me being only ten years old I had not even started puberty yet. I had no pubic hair and my penis was very small. He reached over and started rubbing my penis. Even though I had not started puberty my dick got very hard and it felt good having him rub it.
I soon learned that he wanted me to rub his penis too. He took my hand and placed it on his engorged member. It felt great holding his hard cock in my hand. His penis was so big around it was all I could do to get my hand around it. As I rubbed his penis he began talking bout Cumming and asked me if I wanted to see him cum. I again had no idea what he was talking about but continued rubbing as he talked. He asked me to rub his balls with my other hand. His balls were big too. I noticed he didn't have any hair on his balls just one or two hairs thats all. However, he had lots of thick black curley hair around the base of his penis. The rubbing and jacking went on for several minutes. I was not sure yet what we were doing but I knew it felt good. I guess my inexperience at jacking him off was frustrating him because he would say he was going to cum and then nothing happened or it seemed to me at the time.
When I asked him what he meant by Cumming he told me to look at the precum that was leaking out of the end of his dick - I thought that was all it was. Then he suddenly took control of his cock and began rubbing it himself faster and faster. My hand dropped off and I was just watching him go. He then seized up and stretched out at the same time and large gobs of thick white cum shot out all over his stomach and oozed out onto his hand and dribbled down into his thick dark pubic hair. This was all going on only inches from my face - I was fascinated and nervous as I intuitively knew we should not be doing this. After a few slow strokes my cousin milked the remaining cum from his softening penis. He then opened his eyes and began the process of cleaning himself up. He quickly pulled his pants up ( I had already done so) and we crawled into our sleeping bags. I lay there trying to go to sleep. My mind was very busy thinking about what I had just witnessed. It wasn't long before I heard some rustling noise of the sleeping bag and I looked over and he was jerking himself off again. This time I just watched him pretending to be asleep. After what seemed a long time he finally shot his cum but, not nearly as much as before. I watched him wipe a glob of cum up with his finger and stick it in his mouth - at the time I thought that was gross. Although we didn't talk about what happened that night my cousin and I had a few more encounters after this one. I'll write more latter.



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