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My Cousin Showed Me

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My cousin Carol who is training to be a doctor is about three years older than me. She's really cute, kinda short with small boobs and long black hair. I really started getting a thing about her when I was about 15 when I accidentally saw her naked at the beach one day when she was getting changed into her bikini. When I saw her I found myself getting really excited and I had to go into some bushes to jack off. At the time I didn't think she had seen me watching her. For a long time after that I wondered if I should ask her to strip off for me, because I knew she liked me.

Anyway, just after my 16th birthday I got to see her naked and playing with herself and she didn't mind me watching! I was helping her wash her car around at her flat. We were joking around and she started teasing me about a girl in my class I had started going out with called Susie. She asked me if I had kissed her or gone even further. When I said no Carol laughed and asked me if I wanted to. When I said that I wanted to, but I didn't really know how to start. Carol stopped washing the car and looked at me and said 'How about I show you?'

I still thought she was teasing then she got all serious and said 'Come inside and I'll help you out.' I started getting really excited and I knew my cock was starting to throb in my pants as Carol led me into her bedroom. When she bent over and took off her shorts she was only wearing lacy white panties. She told me to take off my jeans and sit down beside her. When I did she told me to kiss her. It felt really good, especially when she started using her tongue. Then she asked me if I enjoyed that. I said yes, and she said 'Okay, keep kissing me and start touching my breasts, but don't grab.' So I kissed her and she let me feel her breasts through her top. Carol lifted her top and showed me that her nipples were getting long and hard and said I could suck on them gently. When I started doing that Carol put her hand on my boner and started rubbing and squeezing me through my shorts. Then she put my hand against her cunt and told me to rub her, but do it gently. When I did I couldn't believe how soft and warm her cunt felt. She showed me how to slide my finger up and down her slit then she pulled her panties aside and opened her legs. 'You see how wet I'm getting? That means I'm really horny and enjoying what you're doing. Just remember to be gentle whenever you touch a girls genitals.' She let me have a real close up look at her cunt. It was really pink and there was a white cream oozing out of it. She told me to try a little. I let a little bit ooze onto my finger and licked it. It tasted like fish. When I told her that she laughed again and let me push my fingers inside her. She was really warm and slippery and she showed me how she could squeeze my fingers. 'I won't let you put your cock inside me, but imagine how it will feel.'

She got me to drop my shorts and giggled because there was a big dollop of semen oozing out of my cock. Then she told me to lie back. When I did she lay on the bed beside me and said she wanted to see me wank. As I started jacking off she said she had seen me wanking that day at the beach. At first she was really mad at me then she thought that she didn't mind. After watching me for a while she lay on her side facing me and started playing with herself. After a few minutes I started to feel my cock jerking in my hand and I squirted a big load all over the bed and some landed on Carol. She laughed and kissed me and said I could watch her come. She lay down and got me to kneel down in front of her so I could see what she was doing. As I watched her fingers sliding in and out of her oozing wet cunt my cock started to tingle and get hard again. When Carol opened herself wide to show me her tiny little clitoris I started to rub myself. Soon Carol was lying back with her eyes closed, moaning softly. She started rubbing herself harder and faster pushing her hips up and down. I stood up and started pulling myself in front of her. When she saw that she laughed again and pushed her fingers hard into herself. She gave a little scream and lifted her legs then she yelled 'Oh fuuuuk I'm Coming!!' Then she lay back. Her face and tits were red and she said 'Now I'm all hot and sweaty, I think I need a shower.' I joined her and we shared some more boy-girl secrets.

Next time I saw Susie I passed on what I had learnt from my lovely cousin.



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