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My Cousin Sandra

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I had to make a business trip last week and on the way back home as I was traveling through West Texas I realized that my first cousin, Sandra, lived not too far from the route I was taking. I looked up her number on my cell phone and called her. She was excited to hear from me. The last time we had seen each other was about two years ago at a family reunion. I told her I was in the area and was thinking about getting a motel and wanted to know if she would be home the next morning. I would run by and see her.

She asked where I was and after telling her she suggested that I drive on up to her house and spend the night. She said that would give us more time to talk. I told her I would be there in a little over two hours. She gave me directions to her hosue.

Sandra is 42, ten years younger than me. I had often thought about her. In addition to being my first cousin, Sandra is a beautiful woman. She is five-ten with shoulder length brown hair. She has a great body topped off with a nice rack that I would guess to be about 38D. She was married to a man much older than she was and he had passed away about five years earlier. I got the idea that he had left her in a fairly comfortable position, financially.

Spending time with her and watching her lovely body would probably cause me to have to jack off after going to bed. I briefly wondered if she had masturbated or had sex with anyone since her husband died.

I arrived and Sandra met me at the car and as soon as I stood up she gave me a big hug, rubbing those delisious tits all over me. We talked, shared a couple of glasses of wine and then went out and ate. Back home we talked some more.

Somewhere around ten that night we decided it was time to go to bed. Sandra made the comment that she hated for me to see her guest bedroom. When I aksed why she said it was also her junk room and she had not had time to clean it out. I told her I could sleep on the sofa. She didn't want me to have to sleep there. I said, as a joke, 'Well we could sleep together.'

I was totally stunned by her next comment. She said, 'Well, we are both adults and I really don't see anything wrong with us sleeping together. After all, we will be just sleeping.'

This was getting interesting. She went in the bathroom and put on a short nightie with matching panties. After she came back out I went in and as I was going in I told her that I always slept in my undershorts. She said that was fine with her.

A few minutes later I was in bed with her. Now, I don't know about you, but if a 52 year old man and a 42 year old woman are in bed together, something is bound to happen, I don't care if they are related or not. I was on my back and Sandra moved over against me on her side with her head half on my arm and on my chest. We continued talking at least another hour.

She said she really missed having a man in the house. I told her that was the only bad part of my job, being away from my wife. Sandra had thrown her right arm over my stomach as we were talking and I started getting hard. I didn't say anything. I stayed still. Pretty soon the sheet was sticking up and there was no doubt Sandra could see my dick sticking up. Finally Sandra spoke up and said, 'Looks like we need each other.' I looked at her and said, 'Well, we are both adults. Why not? No one has to know but just you and me.'

Sandra slowly slid her hand down and took hold of my hard dick. After holding it for a few minutes she said, 'Oh my that feels so good to hold it. You don't know how much I have missed the physical contact with a man. I can't do anything in this town without everyone knowing about it and I am just not ready for that yet.'

I threw the sheet back and told her to do anything she wanted to do. She got down and cupped my balls with her left hand and started jacking my dick with her right hand. I knew with this beautiful woman doing what she was doing it was not going to take me long until I would cum. I was right. Pretty soon I felt it happening. I told her I was getting ready to cum. She kept jacking my dick until ropes of cum was shooting all over both of us.

I then told her it was her turn. I got down between her legs and looked at one more beautiful pussy. She has a thick mass of brown hair around her pussy, two equally formed thick lips which by that point were open showing the pink moist flesh surrounding her vagina. I found out something about Sandra that I never knew. She has a huge clit. It was engorged with blood all swollen and was about as big around as the end of my little finger and was about theee-quarters of an inch long. I flicked my finger across her clit and she almost jumped off the bed.

I massaged her clit with my finger, my dick and everything else I could rub against it. Sandra had four orgasms back to back. By the time the forth one ended her pussy was soaking wet with her slick juices.

I was hard again and ready for more. It took me much longer to cum the second time and I went to sleep that night with my arms around Sandra.

I woke up the next morning on my side snuggeled up against Sandra. My arm was around her and I was holding her big tits in my hand. By the time she woke up my dick was hard. She wanted to jack me off again before we got out of bed. Normally after a night of sex like we had had I would not have been that horny the next morning but I guess it was my beautiful cousin that made my dick so hard.

After cumming again that morning she got up and cooked me a big breakfast. She begged me to stay another night. Since I was finished with all my calls, I told her I would. I called my wife and told her that Sandra and I were having so much fun catching up on the family that I was going to spend another night there before heading home. My wife said she thought it was so wonderful that I was spending time with my cousin. I totally agreed. I'm planning another trip back through her part of the country soon.



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