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My Cousin & Me (Part 2)

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Alice and I loaded the washer with the laundry. At the bottom of the hamper were her vintage black patent leather shoes that I played with and cummed in the night before. Alice took off her sandals and put the shoes on. She said, oh Bob, my feet feel so gushy. Undoing her kahki shorts, Alice started to finger her pussy giving me a full show of how she did it. I grabbed ole willie and started to jack off myself. I was just about to cum when Alice jumped up on the dryer. She took her shoes off and told me to suck her toes. I was glad to oblige. Alice had two toe rings and an anklet on. I sucked, licked and savored every flavor of her sweaty toes! I was about to explode when she said STOP. We have got to finish our chores! Alice said, clean my shoes up with that towel over there and hide them here for the next time. I hid them behind the water heater.

We went in to seperate showers and got cleaned up for the day. I was so tempted to sneak a peek at her in her shower, but did not.

Alice came out of her room wearing a t- shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. I was kind of disappointed. When we got in to her car, she opened up her big denim purse. She showed me a short sexy skirt, blouse, nylons and another pair of her sexy vintage black patent leather 4' heels. She said, we don't need to be so obvious. We don't need to be caught!

Alice pulled in to a nearby convenience store to get gas. I pumped and paid for the gas. Alice went in to the restroom and came out wearing her sexy clothes, including the shoes! Now, Let's go to the nail salon, she said. I got so hot and hard watching her sexy feet and shoes working the pedals of her Volkswagen. I was hard as a rock when she rubbed my boner through my pants with her sexy nails. Alice said, don't you be a bad boy, let's save this for later!

At the nail salon, the lady there started working on Alice's pedicure and then her nails. I was about to explode! Especially when she peeled off her thigh high nylons and took off her shoes.

Whew that feels better, Alice said as we left. Alice said, I'd like to give you a hand job, but my nails are not dry enough yet. On the way to the mall we stopped at some yard sales. At one of them was a Pair of vintage patent leather open toed pumps in her size of 81/2. Alice put them on as my boner was raging. She pranced around and then told me that she liked them. I said me too, I will buy them for you. We left and were off to the mall.

Once at the mall, Alice went to various clothing stores looking at and trying on dresses. She would ask me, what do you think Bob? I replied that anything looks good on you! Then we went to the shoe dept. I was about to explode as Alice tried on several pairs of shiny patent leather shoes. She would prance around in front of me, lift her skirt and give me a leg show. When I thought no one was looking, I ran my hand up her skirt fondling her sexy silky panties, ass, pussy and crotch. Alice whispered, that feels so good, but we don't need to be caught.

It was getting late in the afternoon. Alice suggested that we catch a movie. We went to the movie theatre in the mall. I paid for the tickets, got a bucket of popcorn and two Cokes. She suggested that we go to the farthest seats in the back of the theatre. I knew right then what she had in mind.

It was dark and hardly no one there. We had a couple of handfulls of pop corn and a few sips on our Cokes. Once the movie started, Alice was raising her skit and rubbing my leg with her sexy shoes. I reached over and started massaging her leg. Soon my one hand went up her skirt and onto her pussy. The other hand was massaging her beautiful breasts through her blouse. She was moaning as she unzipped my fly and started to give me the best hand job I have ever had in my life! She tickled my balls and crotch with her long sexy nails. I massaged her pussy, clit and hard nipples. We started kissing and holding each other in wild passion. This went on for three hours. We came several times. Alice shot her juices down her leg and on the seat and I shot many ropes of cum. One hit her nylon clad leg, shoe and the others hit the back of the seat and floor in front of us!

Alice said, we've got to be quiet, we don't need to be caught. Needless to say, we did not watch much of the movie. When the show was over, we cleaned each other up with napkins that Alice had in her purse.

As we left the theatre, the man asked if we enjoyed the show with a weird smile. We said yes. Alice told me, I'm sure that he spied on what we were doing and had to go to the men's room to jack off.

When we got back in Alice's car, I noticed a big cum stain on her leg and shoe. She said, don't worry, we will go to the convenience store and I will change back into the clothes that I left in. That's another story.



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