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My Cousin Larry

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The summer I was fifteen was eventful for me. I had been experiencing noturnal emissions for nearly two years before my neighbor buddy, Tucker, introduced me to masturbation a year before. From then I was hooked to jacking off almost daily.
I lived in a house of women - grandmother, mother and older sister. My room was in the basement and so I had quite a bit of time to myself with not much worry of being 'spied' upon or being caught in the act. Now it was summer and my aunt and cousin came from another state to visit. Larry was exactly one year older than I but the same size, weight and build as me. He liked sports as I did and when he arrived I quickly introduced him to the guys in the neighborhood and we had pick up baseball games in the park a couple of blocks away.
That first evening when it came time to go to bed, he and I went to my room in the basement, undressed and jumped into bed. We kept the light on and talked for a long time. Mostly about sports, school, girls, guys and eventually got around to sex. Larry suggested we get naked and let things happen. I was game and peeled out of my shorts. As we exchanged stories about sex, mostly his sex exploits, our cocks began to harden. He had a good seven inch shaft with a large purple head that I found fascinating to look at. My six inch cock was smaller but I, too, had a large purple head on a hard shaft where the veins stood out. Larry began to talk about masturbation and how he got introduced to it. He even said that a doctor had told him he should masturbate when he had the urge but at least twice a week to keep the 'plumbing' in line. He asked how often I jacked off and I told him several times a week (which was a lie because it was more often!) He asked if I had any lube and I got a small bottle of vaseline from my night stand along with a box of tissues. He took a dab of vaseline and smeared it on his cock, particularly all over the purple head which made it glisten in the light. He began to stroke slowly as I did the same. He continued talking of his sexual exploits and I listened intently knowing that he had more experience in sex than I.
He taught me how to jack to the edge, rest a few moments and resume slowly. He said this would make for a really intense orgasm or cum, as he called it. I was close to shooting my load but did as he said and eased back several times. After four or five times to the edge, he said it was time for him to come. I told him I would love to watch him shoot and if it was ok for me to hold back. He said ok so I got up on my knees along his side as he continued stroking. I wanted very much to wrap my hand around his shaft and bring him to orgasm but knew there would be several more nights with him during his stay in my room. I watched as his right hand move up and down the slick shaft and it seemed that the cockhead was getting even larger. The slit was wide open as he continued to stroke, his legs stiffened and he arched his back slightly and began quietly moaning and his eyes were closed. I carefully watched as his hand kept moving up and down. Finally, on a down stroke he must have tightened his grip as the whole shaft looked as hard as a steel pole and, with that, a long white rope of semen erupted from the slit and flew straight up in the air at least two feet before falling on his stomach. This was followed by two more but smaller ropes of semen that popped up in the air a few inches before landing right in his belly button. He stroked a few times as more cum oozed out of the slit on his cockhead and down his shaft and between his fingers. He muttered a moan and just wilted on the bed, resting for a few moments. I figured he must have shot about two tablespoons of cum that was now all over his chest and stomach. I took some tissues and began to soak up the stuff. It must have taken six or seven tissues to wipe it all up.
After several moments he said it was my turn and so I turned my attention to the hard cock in my hand. I needed a little more lube so I got another dab of vaseline and greased the lenghth on my shaft and over my balls. My balls were very loose in their sac and so I cupped them with my left hand pulling them downward while I used my right hand to stroke my cock. I could feel the buildup in my loins as I stiffened my legs and felt the cum erupting through the tube and up the shaft and exploding into the air before falling right into my pubic hair at the base of my cock. Quite a bit more semen oozed out and down over my fingers into the pool already lying at the base of my cock and in my pubic hair. I felt exhausted and wilted and a few moments went by before I could utter any sound. I was in pure ecstasy!! After a few more moments I took some tissues and wiped the cum from my pubic area, then we both decided it was time to turn the light off and go to sleep. We agreed that we had some good times to look forward to in the next few days together before he had to leave to go home.
Larry and I had a few more days of dual masturbation that included new involvements that I will write about later.



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