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My Cousin Josh

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My younger cousin told me how he had his first orgasm.


I've always been kind of a big brother to my cousin Josh. He's an only child, and I'm three years older than him, so I guess it was natural that he'd turn to me for advice, especially about all of the embarrassing teenage stuff that nobody wants to ask their parents about. It was a few days after his thirteenth birthday that he came to my house one afternoon and asked if my parents were home. When I told him they wouldn't be back for at least a couple of hours, he looked relieved, and asked if we could talk. We sat in my bedroom, drinking Coke straight out of the bottle. "What's bothering you, kid?" I asked. "Well, it's kind of embarrassing. I don't know if I should even tell you about this," he replied. "Hey, you know that anything you tell me, I won't tell your folks or mine." "Yeah, I know, Craig. Well, okay." He took a gulp of Coke. "I was walking home from the school bus last Tuesday. Nathan and Lewis were with me. You know, the skateboard freaks." "Nathan's in your class, right?" "Yes, but Lewis is in ninth grade. He's fifteen already, although he's shorter than me." "Well, you're almost taller than me, Josh," I said, "And I'm sixteen." "Yeah," he replied, with a smile. "Anyway, Lewis told Nathan he had a video he wanted to show him, and Nathan said I should see it too. They were both laughing, so I thought it was a funny skateboard trick or something." "Did you go to Lewis's house?" I asked. "Yes. He lives a couple of blocks from me, so I figured I could get home in time, even if I watched the video. Anyway, we went to Lewis's room, and he started a video on his laptop. It was a boy and a girl, about your age I guess, or maybe a bit older. They were on a couch, kissing and stuff." "Was that it?" I asked. "Well, I thought that was boring, but Lewis said to wait, because it got better. Then the boy took the girl's T-shirt off, and her shorts, and she did the same to him. I could see he had a boner in his boxers." I knew where this was going. "Okay," I said. "So what happened next?" "In the next scene, they were both naked, and the boy had a huge boner, and the girl was holding it in her hands. Lewis and Nathan were both giggling, and then Lewis took out his dick and started rubbing it like the girl was doing to the boy in the video." "What was Nathan doing?"I asked. "He was watching the video with his hands in his pants. Then he pulled his pants down and I could see he was rubbing his boner too." "What were you thinking?" I said. "I had a boner as well, but I didn't know what to do with it. Lewis and Nathan didn't seem to know I was still there. They were watching the movie. By this time, the boy had put his dick into the girl and he was pushing it in and out. I took sex-ed class in sixth grade, but they didn't mention the pushing in and out part." "Yeah, that was a surprise to me too," I said, without thinking. "Then Lewis remembered I was there, and he said I should get my dick out and do what he and Nathan were doing. I wasn't sure about that, but Nathan said not to worry, everyone does it, and anyway he'd already seen my dick in the showers after football. So I took my dick out." "What happened next?" I asked. "Well, my boner was bigger than Lewis's, and he just stared at it for a moment. Nathan's was a lot smaller than mine, and he looked a bit embarrassed to have the smallest in the room." "Good for you, Josh," I said, grinning. He grinned back. "I started rubbing like Nathan and Lewis. It felt really good. In the video, there was a close-up of the boy's dick in the girl's vagina. He was still pushing in and out, even faster than before, and a couple of times, his dick popped out of the girl, and he had to push it back into the hole. I got a weird feeling when I could see the girl's hole." "I bet you did," I said. "Then in the video, the boy pulled his dick out of the girl and started rubbing it, like we were all doing. I asked Lewis why the boy had done that, but he said to watch very closely. The girl was rubbing herself with her hand, and then the boy made a groaning noise, and white stuff came out of his dick and went all over the girl's chest. It came out in three or four huge jets." "That's called coming. The white stuff is sperm," I said. "Yeah, that's what Lewis told me. Anyway, a couple of seconds after the boy in the film came, Lewis did the same thing, but his sperm landed on the carpet. And then I felt the most amazing feeling all over my body, but mostly in my dick, and I squirted three jets of sperm. They went all over Lewis's shirt. I couldn't help it, honestly! I didn't know it was going to happen. I'd never done it before!" I tried very hard not to laugh, but the thought of my cousin shooting his load all over his friend's shirt was too funny. Josh was laughing too. Eventually, I asked: "What about Nathan?" "He came as well, after Lewis and me, but nothing came out of his dick." "Well, maybe he's not old enough to be making sperm. Some boys don't start till they are fourteen or fifteen." "Maybe," agreed Josh, "But I can make sperm, just like Lewis. And like you, right?" "Yes, I've been making sperm since I was twelve and a half." "Do you rub your dick too?" asked Josh. "Yes, most days," I replied. "Me too. My Bible class teacher said it was sinful," said Josh with a slight frown, "but it feels so good." "Is your Bible class teacher a guy?" I asked, and Josh nodded. "Well," I said, "he rubbed his dick too, when he was your age. All teenage boys do it. Well, pretty much all of us do it. So he's talking nonsense and he's a hypocrite."



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