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My Cousin Jane and I (Part 2)

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My cousin Jane and I pick up where we left off, 30 Years later


In a previous posting I detailed how during one summer in high school, an older female cousin Jane and I, spent time exploring each other's bodies. We justified what we were doing by not kissing on the lips and not 'going all the way.'

The summer ended and our lives moved on. Although Jane and I saw each other countless times over the years, we never mentioned our intimate time together. Thirty some years pass and Jane is a recently divorced, slightly overweight, single mom. I am married, but in a miserable relationship with an alcoholic wife.

We both attended a wake for an aunt. After the wake, we went to a bar for a drink. Over a drink, Jane mentions how tough dating is for a single mom. She then mentions she would do almost anything to have 'a warm body next to her.' I touch her hand and say, 'I have a warm body.' Jane gives me an uncertain look. I say to her 'it would be OK as long as we don't kiss on the lips and go all the way.'

Jane and I were both planning to go the funeral so I suggested that instead of going to the funeral, we should spend next day pleasing each other. Jane was uncertain so I suggested she think it over. I also offered to pick her up in the morning. The next morning, Jane mentions we should go the funeral and we drive together. After the funeral, Jane agrees that we both could use some 'attention.' Since we both have flexible schedules and I am still living with my wife, she suggests that we meet at her house after she gets her kids off to school. We arrange to meet in a few days.

I get to Jane's house and we talk for a while. Even though I am in my mid 40's, thinking about what we might do gets my cock as hard as a teenagers. Jane then asked how we should start. I suggest that we go into her bedroom, get undressed, and we give each other massages. Jane agrees but makes me promise that there will be no kissing on the lips and we won't 'go all the way.'

Jane and I start moving towards the bedroom. In the hallway she playfully stops. I am behind her. I put my hands on her massaging her neck and shoulders. I get bold, reach in front and cup her breasts. We continue to the bedroom. We stand next to the bed facing each other and rubbing our hands on each other bodies with our clothes on. My hands reach under her shirt and I feel her breast through her bra. I then pushed her bra up and felt her bare breasts under her shirt. Jane rubs my crotch through my pants and reminds me that we can't go all the way. We became topless as our hands explore each other.

Jane sits on the bed and removes her pants and panties. The last time I saw Jane naked she was a teenager. In high school, she was a cheerleader and had a cheerleader's body. Her breasts now sag, her areolas are wider, and while she was not a BBW; she does carry extra pounds. I was even more excited by her body than I was before.

I removed the rest of my clothes. I tell Jane to lay on her front as I massaged her back. Jane gets up, gets lotion from the bathroom, and lies back on the bed face down. I put the lotion on my hands and run my oily fingers over all over her back and her ass. As I am rubbing her ass, I reached down towards her pussy. Jane responds by spreading her legs. I move down her legs and spend time massaging her feet.

I have Jane turn over and start my way 'up her body' from her feet. Passing by her pussy, I take my time exploring her outer and inner lips. I find her clit and rub around, but not on it. I continue up her body and spend a lot of time massaging her breasts and nipples.

I massage her neck and forehead and start 'working my way' back down her body. When I get back to her pussy, I spend a lot of time rubbing all around without touching her lips or clit. I touch her pussy exploring the area between her outer and inner lips. I put my finger into her slit and felt she was 'wet.' With my finger moistened, I moved to her clit. I rubbed her clit and soon she started to orgasm. I take her clit with the skin covering it and start to 'jack' it as if it were a little cock. Jane is squirming and I am certain she is having another orgasm. I take her hand and move it to my cock. While I am massaging Jane she is feeling my cock and balls.

Jane gets me lying down and tells me it's my turn. I lay on my stomach and she straddles me as she massages my neck and shoulders. Her pussy is making contact with my body and I feel her warmth and pubic hairs on me. She works her way down my body to my feet. I turn over and she works her way up my body. While she is massaging me, my hand is fondling her breasts.

She works her way up to my chest and back down to my cock. She puts extra lotion on her hands and strokes my cock. I try to 'hold off' my orgasm by having her slow down or stroke me in a different way. The term today is edging.

I had a great orgasm, but I also added some extra dramatics. Jane is very proud of her accomplishments. I tell Jane that when things were better with my wife, she would clean my cock and balls with a warm washcloth after sex. Jane gets a warm washcloth from the bathroom and cleans me up.

Jane then brings two cups of coffee into the bedroom and we sit in bed naked, drinking coffee, and talking. This was the start of a two year renewed relationship with my cousin.

More to follow.



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