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My Cousin Jane and I (Part 1)

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My father and his brother were in business together and bought houses next to each other. I was the youngest in my family and I had a female cousin Jane, who was the youngest in hers. Jane was two years older than I was. We both had older siblings, however all them were married and either moved out of the house, or away at college. Our mothers also worked at the business and often were not home. For a while, Jane was my 'babysitter' when our mothers were gone. Jane and I were close growing up together.

Jane was cheerleader and certainly attractive. Jane also had a boyfriend that was a varsity football and basketball player. I was on the freshman football and basketball team and Jane's boyfriend always took the time to give me pointers.

Once when we had an odd day off from school, Jane called me on the phone and asked me to come over to her house because she had something she wanted to show me. When I arrived, Jane first made me promise that I would not tell anyone what she was about to show me. Jane then showed me a Playboy Magazine. Jane and I looked at the magazine and made comments about how all the girls looked. I remember getting an erection and trying to hide it.

Jane then had a favor to ask. She explained that her boyfriend's birthday was approaching and she wanted to know if I could help get her ready with his present. I naturally agreed. Jane said she wanted to give her boyfriend a hand-job. She told me she had never given one before and wanted to 'practice' on me. I was hesitant. Jane then said that if I would let her give me a hand-job, she would take off her top and let me play with her boobs. I was still hesitant. Jane lifted up her top, exposing her bra and asked me if I would like to touch her. I reached over and for the first time in my life, I felt a woman's breasts.

Jane then suggested we move into her bedroom. In her room, Jane took off her shirt but was still wearing her bra. She then said that she would take off her bra and let me touch her bare boobs if I would first remove my pants and let her touch, as she called it, my 'cock.' I finally agreed and removed my pants and underwear. Jane had me lay down on the bed and sat next to me. She first took my 'cock' into her hand before removing her bra.

Jane stroked my cock as I felt her boobs and played with her nipples. Jane varied her technique constantly asking me how it felt. I remember thinking 'Oh, Oh, Oh' and then had my first orgasm. Cum was all over the sheets.

Jane then explained to me what sperm was and told me that if the sperm fertilized her eggs in her pussy, she would get pregnant. Jane told me she needed to wash the sheets before her mother got home. She told me I could keep the Playboy only if I promised not to tell anyone what we did. When I got back to my house, I looked at the Playboy, began to get hard, and masturbated for the first time. That night in bed, I thought of playing with Jane's boobs and masturbated again.

The time went on and Jane and I never mentioned our encounter. However, I did buy more magazines to look at when I masturbated.

Early into the summer, Jane and her boyfriend broke up. We were alone one day and Jane asked if I liked the hand-job she gave me. I told her I did and she then asked me if I would like her to show me how a girl likes to be touched. This time I eagerly agreed and we went into her bedroom.

In the bedroom, Jane told me that we could not go 'all the way' and because we were cousins, we 'shouldn't kiss on the lips.' I agreed with her terms and both of us undressed. This was the second time a woman saw me totally naked and it was the first time I saw a woman totally naked.

In bed, Jane spread her pussy lips and showed me her clit. She explained what her clit was and showed me how she liked to be touched. We spent much of that summer naked in bed allowing each other total access to our bodies. We even spread our ass cheeks and explored each other's anuses, though only with our fingers. Even though I did suck her nipples, I never kissed her on the lips nor did I attempt to 'go all the way.' Oral sex also never entered our minds.

Summer ended with football practice starting. Jane soon found another boyfriend and I also started dating. Some of my girlfriends did allow me to finger their pussies and because of Jane's 'training,' all were satisfied. It took until college, before I experienced giving and receiving oral sex and sexual intercourse.

Jane and I both finished college, got married, and had children. Even though we saw each other often, we never mentioned our special summer. However, 30 years later we started things back up. I'll save that for another posting.



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