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My Cousin Came for a Visit

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This is a true story about a visit from my cousin. I still think about that night.


This is a true story about a time my cousin came to visit for a few days.

My cousin was 19 at the time and I was 24. We hadn't seen each other for a few years but she wanted to get away from home for a few days and decided to stay with me and my wife. She flew in and when I picked her up from the airport, I immediately noticed how much she had grown up. She had on tight jeans and though she had on a loose blouse, I could immediately see her tits had grown tremendously since she was in high school. She gave me a hug and I immediately got turned on feeling her large bosom pressed against my chest. Needless to say, I got hard and had difficulty walking through the airport as we picked up her luggage.

The first couple of days were pretty normal. Catching up on old times, doing some shopping at the local malls, visiting family. After a few days of settling in, we had a barbecue. After everyone had left, there was only my wife, my cousin and myself. It was a warm evening so we sat out on the patio. My wife was pretty tired and went to bed. I sat with my cousin, talking about old times. That's when things got interesting.

My cousin and I were both wearing shorts and t-shirts and she took off her sandals and asked if I would massage her feet. Of course, I said yes and, since we were sitting facing each other, she put both feet on my lap. She had cute little toes and painted nails and I got slightly turned on. I must admit I started having dirty thoughts, especially knowing my wife was asleep and we would be uninterrupted. She started telling me she's never really fooled around with a boy and she was very curious.

I started to get hard and as she shifted her leg, her foot rested right against my hard on. I thought she might have felt it but didn't say anything. Being horny, as I massaged her foot, I moved it against my hard cock. She felt it immediately and smiled at me. Then, she started rubbing my cock with her foot. Jackpot!! I relaxed and let her rub it. I told her it felt good. God, I was turned on.

She then moved her feet down and moved her chair closer to me. She reached down and started to rub my dick through my clothes. I told her how pretty she was and she moved in to kiss me. We kissed, tongues probing each other mouths. As we kissed, she started unzipping my shorts. She moved her face away and pulled out my cock. I told her that her hand on my cock felt good. She looked at it and slowly started to stroke me. I couldn't believe my beautiful cousin was stroking my dick. It felt so good.

She asked me how she was doing and I told her she was doing perfect and she knows how to make me feel like a man. She smiled at me and looked so pretty. I asked her if I could feel her tits. She said sure and I reached down under her shirt, squeezing them through her bra. She told me to stop for a second. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and then reached behind her and released her beautiful, big boobs. She then resumed stroking my hard cock as I rubbed her tits. I told her I had wanted to feel her tits since I picked her up from the airport. I pinched her nipples and the pace of her stroking picked up.

I told her if she continued that, she was gonna make me cum. I stopped playing with her tits and just leaned back and admired the fact that my sexy young cousin was getting me off. It all became too much and then I came. At first it caught her by surprise as she released a gasp. Then, she leaned in and pointed my cock at her big tits and let my cum shoot on them. As my orgasm subsided, she rubbed my cock with her boobs, trying to squeeze every last drop out. I was spent, and in a good way. I hadn't cum that hard in a long time.

Then, she scooped up some cum with her finger and tasted it. Then, she started to lick her own boobs. I just watched her. She looked at me and said she always wondered what cum tasted like. I was in awe. When she was done, she got her bra and t-shirt and put them on as I put my softening cock away. She got up and said good night and went to sleep. The next day, we didn't bring it up and acted like nothing happened.

That is, until the following year when she visited again



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